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"What is sacred is not an object. It is not a book. It is not a place. It is not even an event. These are all things in time through which the sacred moves." [1]

"When your history or your legends speak of God communicating to the world, what is really being described here is the Angelic Presence communicating to certain individuals. A sacred book, for example, if it is claimed that it comes from God or is the Word of God, is actually the words of the Angelic Presence."[2]

Structuring the New Message from God

"At this time, the Messenger is engaged in compiling over three decades of spoken Revelation into a final and complete text form. The New Message will ultimately be contained in six volumes and possibly more. Each volume will contain two or more books, and each book will be organized into chapters and verses. Therefore, the New Message from God will be structured in the following way: the New Message from God > Volume > Book > Chapter > Verse.”[3]

The Sacred Texts of the New Revelation

Published by New Knowledge Library



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