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"All advancing nations face resource depletion. It is what they choose to do in the face of this that makes all the difference." [1]

"We are moving into a position of extreme vulnerability. With the specter of resource depletion, environmental degradation and the risk of a further fracturing of the human family growing everyday, we are ripe for Intervention." [2]

"Everything must be saved and preserved in a world of declining resources and growing population. Everything must be used wisely, purposefully, with in mind. Nothing can be wasted now, you see, for you are drinking from a slowly shrinking well." ... "It is the fate of so many nations in the universe—countless they are—who degrade their own worlds and have to face the reality of living in a Greater Community of life in the universe. Humanity knows nothing about this."" [3]

What Must Be Understood

"Humanity is heading towards resource depletion. What you need to understand is that every advanced nation in the universe is facing resource depletion." [4]

Limiting Freedom in the Universe

"It is resource depletion that has the possibility of forging a greater union amongst your peoples. Yet resource depletion can also lead to competition, conflict and war. There are many nations that we know of and have heard of that have destroyed themselves at the doorstep of the Greater Community—struggling over who will have dominance, who will have wealth and who will have priority within their own worlds." [5]

"In the Greater Community, all advancing nations have faced the problem of resource depletion. As a result, resource acquisition and the stability and sustainability of resource acquisition have become the overriding emphasis." [5]

"Technology alone will not save you from resource depletion, and resource depletion will undo your technology." [5]

"Regarding resource depletion, the Intervention will support the overuse of those resources that you rely upon for your basic energy requirements, for they do not need these resources. The depletion of these resources will further hasten humanity’s conflicts and decline. Therefore, the overuse of such resources and people’s desire to maintain their current behavior will be encouraged."

Our Allies' Experience

"Each of our nations succumbed to certain degrees to this persuasion, for we were facing our own challenge of resource depletion in various stages. Of our seven nations, four were overtaken. The other three resisted this sufficiently to build the strength to resist intervention. We do not want to see humanity fall under the persuasion of foreign powers, for most races that do will never regain their freedom or sovereignty."[6]

"We had alien resource traders in our world interacting with our government. Those who were in power at that time were persuaded that trade and commerce would be beneficial to us, for we were beginning to experience resource depletion." "[7]


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