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"People of Islam, hear the Revelation. Hear the Grace, the Power and the Love this brings to you, the freedom, the certainty, the clarity." [1]

"For you who are a Muslim, you must realize that the Prophet Muhammad stands with the Messenger, for he continues the great work of building and protecting human civilization, now facing a set of problems and challenges never before seen in the world."[2]

God's Answer to Islamic Prayer

"You pray to God for deliverance, for strength, for purpose. You pray to God for resolution to conflict. You pray to God for the well-being of your people and your nation. And God sends a Great Revelation into the world, so great you cannot even fathom it."[1]

"If you should deny the Messenger and the Revelation, God will not punish you. But do not seek favor with God. Do not seek favor with the Angelic Assembly that watches over this world." [1]

The Need for Regeneration

"The world needs a New Revelation, for Christianity cannot save the world. Islam cannot save the world. Buddhism and Hinduism cannot save the world. And Judaism was never designed to save the world." [3]

"This will fulfill Islam, which is falling apart now, breaking up into warring factions, breaking up along its great division, succumbing to a changing world." [1]

The New Message Muslim

"You do not leave your faith, your religious tradition. You simply bring the Revelation into it, to amplify it, to make it greater, more potent, more powerful, infused with the spirit, the intent and the Great Love of God. That which has become old, dried up, irrelevant, lacking passion, meaning, purpose, application now is infused with everything that will make it alive. For even the Christians must become people willing to face the Great Waves of change and humanity’s emergence into a Greater Community of life. The Muslims, the Jews, the Buddhists—all the religious groups, large and small—all are facing the same challenges and the risk of calamity. They all need a New Revelation from God. They all need to hear the Messenger—honestly, patiently considering everything he brings."[4]

"The real journey is mysterious. It can happen outside the realm of institutional religion. It can seem to defy definition, based upon people’s understanding of spirituality. You may be a Christian or a Buddhist, a Muslim, a Jew, and be connected to the mystery or you could participate in any of these great traditions and not be connected to the mystery."[5]

Exploitation of Beliefs

"As the world becomes more difficult, as resources diminish, as populations grow, as competition increases, as tragedy occurs more frequently, people’s sense of tolerance will diminish, and their grievances will be encouraged—not only by the Intervention, but certainly by those people who are ambitious and want to put themselves in positions of power. How perfectly this falls into the alien agenda, which seeks to simplify and restructure human allegiance. The Intervention does not care what religion they use so long as it can achieve these results. That is why a devout Christian, Muslim, Hindu or Buddhist must all learn the Way of Knowledge."[6]

The Twelfth Imam

"If the Twelfth Imam returns, the vast majority of the world would oppose him. Would this bring peace? Would this bring equanimity? Would this bring justice? Or would only one group, one nation, one small part of the human family, be fulfilled in their expectations?"[7]

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