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"An ancient language that has not originated in any world.This language represents the language of Knowledge and serves all those who speak a language and who still need a language to communicate." [1]

"Words which you have not used for centuries, but which will become familiar to you as they resonate deeply within your mind" [2]


"Let the ancient language of the inner world make you resonate and blush. Let it strike you as if you were a bell and it was ringing you gently. Let it pass through you like the wind through the grain. Let yourself be this open to Grace so that when you return to the outer world, this Grace may pass through you to others who are calling for it, seeking it and desiring it."[3]

"The sound Na Rahn is recommended. Here you say to yourself softly Na on the inhale and Rahn on the exhale." [4]


Rahn: "connects us with the power and movement in the universe and with those individuals and assemblies of individuals who have attained a high state." [5]

"This word will serve to stimulate Ancient Knowledge within you and give you the strength that you most need at this time."[6]

Nasi Novare Coram: “'The presence of the Teachers of God is with me.'” [7]

Novre Novre Comey Na Vera Te Novre: "speaks of the power of stillness within your mind and the power that the stillness within your mind will have within the world"[8]

Retreana Carvedan Celton Iy: "Receive the Heart of God through your Spiritual Family that is joined about you.”[9]

Mavran mavran conay mavran

Mavran Mavran Conay Mavran: "calls upon those who practice Knowledge with you in the Greater Community so that the strength of their undertaking and their great achievements may embellish all of your attempts and all of your practices as a student of Knowledge.Today’s invocation engages your mind with all minds which are engaged in the reclamation of Knowledge in the universe"[10]

Nome Nome Cono Na Vera Te Nome: "calls upon the power of others’ endeavors in the reclamation of Knowledge to assist you in your own." [11]

Raye Navar: "means, in a rough sense at least, to shed the mind." [12]

Aile Aile Contreyana Misu Veda Misu Veda: "Listen to the voice within, it is the voice of Knowledge." [13]

"If you're ever not feeling connected, sing Aile about ten times, and you will start to feel connected."[14]

Rahn Ekan Novay Trenansa, Misu Veda Maya Toom: "We call upon the power of those who have achieved the state of Knowledge within [the world]] and beyond to assist us in this great mission of bringing the Way of Knowledge into the world." [15]

Cay Mavran Tomay Naya Tay - Coma Navran Tay Misu Veda Re Tranan: "Beyond all boundaries of race and tolerance, the Way of Knowledge flows to those who can receive it well." [16]

"This is the gift to you. This is how God restores you without overwhelming you. This is how God connects with you without creating great confusion. This is how God nourishes you. You need this nourishment now. You know it is true. Come to be with Grace. Mavran, Mavran, Couria Sy. Ontaya Lok No. Let the ancient language of the inner world make you resonate and blush. Let it strike you as if you were a bell and it was ­­­­­ringing you gently. Let it pass through you like the wind through the grain."[3]

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