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"When the pretenses are taken away, when the false assumptions are removed, when you are placed in a situation where your ideals and your beliefs cannot substantiate reality, then you will see how vulnerable and how alone you are."[1]

Ideals as orientation to life

"If you feel that the world is an evil place that has denied the greater ideals and greater aspirations of human beings, what can you give here?"[2]

"If you value a certain philosophy, religion or set of ideals and you want to make sure that what you are doing is consistent with them, you will be pulling yourself backwards."[3]

The limitations of ideals

"Many of your hopes and ideals regarding yourself must be disappointed."[4]

"Because humanity is in a very adolescent stage in its development, it is filled with many ideals and superstitions that have nothing to do with reality."[5]

"It is time to step aside from the grandiose goals and ideals that can only keep you in a state of imagination about your life."[6]

Knowledge greater than ideals

"Let Knowledge carry you forward, not your preferences, ideas or ideals."[7]

"You cannot rely upon your ideas or your ideals."[8]

"If you are willing to be without definition and without philosophy, without high ideals and without terrible fears, if you allow your mind to be suspended, your mind can then find its way back to Knowledge."

"You may have an idea of a perfect life or a set of ideals that illustrate a perfect life, but we are bringing you to something greater—a real life, a genuine life, a life that is fully in harmony with Knowledge within you and Knowledge in the universe."[9]


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