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Editing the New Message Wiki

An account is required to edit the wiki. Contact The Society if you are interested in getting a wiki-editing account.

Each page is a topic, organized primarily around the points and directives of a subject of the New Message; it is the New Message Teaching on ______ . Quotes and processes, metaphors and blessings, directives and practices can all be arranged by the points that they express. How this is structured evolves over time for each topic, and varies by the depth and the specifics of a given topic.

To edit a page when you are logged in, begin up above on the right. You can type in a subject like Seeing and click "Go". If the page exists, you will go there. If the page does not exist, you can click on "Create this page" and off you go.

Then click the "Edit" tab to the left of the search bar. If you don't see it, you are probably not logged in.

New Message Wiki standards

Discussion of New Message Wiki standards

How to format a wiki

Adding links in a wiki

You can always click Edit on a page that you want to emulate and see what syntax does what. Or just ask another wiki editor.

Here is a list of needed edits.

Sections for a Page

  • Summary (without a heading)
  • Short, summarizing quotations (3 max, without heading)
  • sub-topic from widest scope (top) to most detailed & specific (bottom)
  • References
  • Further Study
  • See also
  • Categories

Subtopics could also include

  • Directives
  • Processes (fully detailed practice or set of questions--add to Processes category)
  • Practices
  • Metaphors
  • Blessings (prayers from the NM or from MVS)
  • Sayings of the Messenger