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Dimensions and expanse

“Many people think that the universe is just a big empty place, but it is full of life. The dimensions and expanse of this life are unimaginable." [1]


"This greater environment into which you are emerging is a physical reality governed by physical laws, the laws of nature that you are aware of. Do not concern yourselves here with the possibilities of other dimensions, for that will not be your need and concern. It is this greater reality in which humanity has always lived and in which your world has always existed that must become your focal point now." [2]

Beyond the physical

The Greater Community "represents many new thresholds of understanding. For now, the Greater Community must be equated with the physical universe, but in truth it is not limited only to the physical realm of life. It includes the greater and more refined dimensions of intelligent life and intelligent interaction."[3]

Communication across dimensions

"It is possible for you to be in contact with other minds in other dimensions." [4]

"Nothing can be done alone in this world. Nothing can be done alone in any world or in any dimension." [5]

"The only thing that matters in this world is Knowledge. Knowledge is not ideas or philosophy. It is profound experience. It is universal and timeless, and it is valid for all dimensions." [6]

Your Inner Teachers "are able to speak both individually and as one. They are able to join beyond physical obstructions. They are able to communicate through different dimensions. They have learned to transcend the barriers which seem to circumscribe you now."[7]

“When your contribution has been completely given, then you will be complete here. But you will be here until your entire Group is complete, and then you will move on to a whole other dimension of life.” [8]

Fundamental misunderstanding about dimensions

"People love to think they are multidimensional radiant beings possessing all potentialities. You are bigger than all that. A diminutive seed of life is bigger than all that." [9]

Confusing physical extraterrestrial forces for multidimensional beings

The Greater Darkness "is not a spiritual force. It is a physical force. It is not comprised of multidimensional beings. It is comprised of physical beings from the Universe who present themselves in such a way that people will think the 'visitors' are mystical, spiritual and have magical powers. The only powers they have are their technology and their ability to convince you through persuasion in the mental environment." [10]

"These visitors to the world are not multidimensional beings. They are not from the spirit world. They are not angels or demons. They are physical beings like you, driven by the same needs that drive humanity—the need for resources, the need for control, the need for wealth and the need for stability." [11]


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