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"With character, you will have the capacity to wait for Knowledge, to discern Knowledge, to experience Knowledge and to carry out the direction of Knowledge in your life." [1]

Experience Shapes Character

Building character

"Building character and building capacity go together, for you must learn to wait for many things."[1]

"Character is built by becoming strong and determined, patient and observant. Character is not personality. Character is an abiding strength, the willingness to wait, a focused determination, and a patient approach. These are the elements of character. This is where your personal mind becomes strong enough to become a vehicle for Knowledge."[1]

"Character, then, is a development of the person. With character you can begin to build a [The Four Pillars of life|foundation] and continue building it for as long as necessary. It may take the rest of your life, but every advancement here is permanent. And every contribution made in the building of a real foundation is shared with others, by demonstration and by presentation." [1]

"Events in life will shape your character. They will shape you mentally and physically. You must go through these experiences with others in order for you to build character." [2]

"Build real relationships. Begin with your relationship with Knowledge and develop character by developing patience, forbearance, restraint, objectivity, compassion, the ability to observe others and the ability to have your life be undefined. This builds character, and with this you gain a greater capacity for experience. This is Wisdom. And in order for you to be a vehicle for Knowledge in life-to be an inspiration to others and to give your life wholeheartedly-you must have this foundation and you must have your essential relationships." [3]

"This is a journey of many steps. In taking these many steps, you build the self-honesty, the character, the wisdom and the skill to be a vehicle and a vessel for a Greater Will and Power that is the True Source of all life." [4]

Strengthening Character for Others

"[When praying for another,] do not try to strengthen a preferred outcome, for you cannot usually know the right outcome for any other person. But you can always give strength of character and strengthen their faculties of mind. This will give you your own sense of purpose and will reassert these qualities within yourself, for you must possess them to give them, and in giving them you realize that they are in your possession already." [5]


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