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"You are entering a greater universe, filled with forces and influences that you have not yet learned how to counteract." [1]

"There are competing forces here."[2]

Competing forces

"You have Unseen Forces unifying the universe, providing the basis of unity for life beyond the complexity and variability of life, and with it the promise of redemption for the individual to regain an essential relationship with others and with life itself. Without this, there would only be an awareness of physical life. There would only be thehe emphasis on separation, on distinction, on disassociation, on conflict, on competition, on dominance, on persuasion, on manipulation and all the forces and activities ... are so prevalent throughout the universe."[3]

"There are forces of good within the Greater Community of Worlds." [1]

"The opposition to the [spiritual Divine Presence in life] is significant, for strict hierarchical societies are afraid of any other source of authority functioning in the individual’s life."[3]

Expanding perspectives

"Emerging into a Greater Community of intelligent life, you are emerging into a vast and complex demonstration of life that is in many ways similar to what is required of you here on Earth. What is different is that there are many different participants who are very different from one another and very different from you. And the complexity of engagement, trade and commerce is great and requires tremendous sophistication, great care and great vigilance."[4]

"Such is the greater reality into which humanity is emerging—a universe filled with wonders and horrors, a universe of influence, a universe of competition, yet also a universe filled with Grace, much like your own world but infinitely greater. The Heaven that you seek is not here. However, the forces that you must contend with are."[5]

"You cannot look to the past to understand the nature, the purpose or the reality of the foreign presence and intervention in your world today. You have only a few traces of evidence to tell you that visitation has occurred, largely through the writings and artwork of native peoples from different cultures, from different eras. But this is insufficient as a guide. This will not reveal to you the reality of the universe around you, the forces that exist there or what humanity will have to face and deal with in the future."[6]

A case study close at hand

"intervening forces are already here attempting to establish influence."[7]

"There are predatory forces in your local universe who will try to take advantage of your recklessness and your naiveté to their own advantage."[4]

"You do not have access to the political and commercial involvements of the alien forces operating in the world today to understand their complexity, their ethics or their values. Never think that any race in the universe that travels for commerce is spiritually advanced. Those who seek commerce seek advantage. Those who travel from world to world, those who are resource explorers, those who seek to plant their own flags are not what you would consider to be spiritually advanced."[2]

The ethics of the frontier

"Many nations in the Greater Community have united with others to create networks of trade. But even within these networks there are problems of trust, problems regarding espionage and certainly problems in dealing with the influence of outside forces."[7]

"In all, it is a very complex situation. Strict rules of conduct have been established in order to maintain stability and to avoid any breakdown in the functioning of trade and commerce. These rules are often maintained by courts and are supported by security forces with an emphasis on honesty. Here corruption is certainly a problem."[7]


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