Quotes on Redemption

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"Nothing can be done alone. Even illusion cannot be done alone. There is no escape from this. Yet, the fact that there is no escape from life is the true promise of your redemption, for here life will redeem you, and all that you have brought into the world will be activated and contributed." [1]

"This Greater Power which you are now learning to receive is the source of your redemption." [2]

"God redeems the separated through Knowledge, whether you are a human being living in this world or another intelligent being living in another world." [3]

Violence and redemption quotes

"If you have committed violence in the world, well, it will just take a little longer for you to come to the Power and Presence that lives within you, for your shame will be deeper. Your regrets will be deeper. Your pain will be deeper."[4]

Purpose redeems you

"You have to come into the world to fulfill a purpose. It is that purpose that redeems you. It is that service that restores to you the memory and the sense of your Ancient Home. It is this purpose and this awareness that dispels and weakens the weight of the world on you." [5]

"This is how God saves you. This is how God redeems you, by placing within you a greater life and a greater purpose that you can only learn to respond to and to follow as clearly and as honestly as you can." [6]


"God's first step in your redemption and your empowerment is to unburden you from things that are not necessary for your happiness, to unburden you from things which cannot possibly satisfy you, to unburden you from things which only cause you pain and to lift from your head the crown of thorns that you wear, which represents your attempt at fulfillment in the world. A Greater Will exists within you that wishes to express itself. When you experience this, you will finally feel that you are known to yourself. You will finally experience true happiness, for your life at last will be integrated. You must be unburdened to make this discovery. Nothing of value will be taken from you. It is not God’s intent to make you lonely and forlorn, but to give you the opportunity to realize your true promise so that you may proceed with strength and true motivation." [7]

"The New Message has the power of redemption, but it still requires that you replace your obsessions with new behaviors and that you begin to build the Four Pillars of your life, and most fundamentally to gain a connection with Knowledge within yourself." [8]

Inclusion in relationship

"The return to God is the return to inclusion in relationship. This is beyond your ability to comprehend, and it is certainly beyond your ideas and your idealism. It can only be experienced. It must be experienced, and through this experience you will understand that you have come here not only for your own redemption and not only to serve the world, but to serve those who have sent you. In this, your role becomes ever more important. In this, your preparation becomes ever more important. If you think of this, you will know that it is true." [9]

Choosing redemption

“God will not force redemption upon you. That is why there is no Judgment Day in the universe. God knows that without Knowledge to guide you, you would make foolish and often terrible mistakes. God knows that without Knowledge to guide you, your life would be full of error and difficulty, confusion and uncertainty. This is what has created the world that you see. It is the world where individuals are living without the awareness of Knowledge.” [10]

The seed of redemption quotes

"God has planted Knowledge within every person as the seed and source of their redemption. Redemption will not occur because you believe in a great saint or a great Messenger. Redemption will not even occur if you believe in God or practice a religion faithfully, for you are still lost in the mind, the worldly mind. Your attempt at religion is an escape from the world, a desperate attempt to have purpose and meaning in your life that transcends the hard realities that you see all around you." [11]

"Though your senses will perceive the form of things, your heart will experience the essence of things, and this is how things will become known. Once they are known, you will realize how you are to participate with them. Thus, all your faculties of mind will be utilized for one great purpose, for Knowledge will utilize all your faculties and the faculties of the world for the redemption of the world, which is the redemption of Knowledge within the world." [12]

"Knowledge is beginning to have potency now. You are beginning to feel its power. You are beginning to realize its total importance to you. You who have been partial with life in the past are now realizing that life is completely with you and will require that you be completely with it. This is your salvation and your redemption, for here all separation, fear and misery are dispelled. What can you possibly lose to receive such a gift? You lose only your imagination, which has haunted you, threatened you and frightened you. Yet, even your imagination will be given a greater purpose with Knowledge, for it is meant to serve you in a different way." [13]


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