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"How can you know the power of your own life when you are so intimidated by threats of loss and destruction?" [1]

The Power of Knowledge

"Knowledge is the most powerful force in the universe." [2]

"Humanity has a strength that it has not yet realized, a strength that can offset the Intervention, a strength that will give humanity a greater promise and a greater power in the universe. This is an unseen strength. It is a strength that once experienced becomes an essential force in directing one’s life and in providing one’s true power and security. This power is called Knowledge in the universe. It is the power to see, to know and to act with clarity and certainty. It is a power that is beyond persuasion and manipulation from any foreign source or from any other source. It is a power that is given as a potential to each individual within the human family and beyond."[3]

"The power of Knowledge within one individual is to activate the power of Knowledge in other individuals and thus stimulate and support the regeneration of life within minds that are living in separate fantasies. Within the world you cannot see the overall potency of this, but you can experience it within your own life and see it demonstrated within the context of the relationships with which you are now engaged."[4]

"You become strong because Knowledge is within you. You endure difficulty because Knowledge is within you. You can face pain and loss, illness and even rejection from others you care about because the power of Knowledge is within you. When you meet another who has developed this power, your relationship will be on a whole other level—extraordinary in the world—able to create far greater things than you alone could ever produce." [5]

Power and Freedom

"The more powerful you are, the less personal freedom you have, yet the greater the internal freedom you have. Here, you do not have the freedom to go wherever you want and do whatever you like at any time because you are carrying responsibility.You are answerable to other people through taking care of them and through providing service.You cannot just do whatever you want at any hour of the day.With greater power and ability, you have a greater sense that your life has destiny, purpose and direction, and this is the greater context for freedom." [6]

Power in the Greater Community

"Power in the universe is recognized in both the technological and the mental arenas. There are limits to technological power, of course, though you have not reached these limits yet. The powers of the mind, the powers of a group mind and the ability to influence the mental environment, however, represent a more advanced and mature approach to the use of power in the Greater Community. The limits to physical power open greater doors to this other kind of power in the universe. Here those who are smarter can defeat those who are stronger, and those who are wiser can avoid those who are invasive."[7]

Personal Power

“Great power has been given to you. It is yours to receive and to apply, but you must learn how to use it, or it will not come forth, and you will not understand what it means or how it can serve the world in which you live. Therefore, give yourself to become a student of Knowledge, to learn about the nature of power and grace and how it can be received, applied and employed in a world of conflict, in a world that is at risk now of losing its freedom in the Greater Community. Do not lose this opportunity.” [8]

"Sometimes we think of power in terms of strength and magnificence and the things you see in movies, for example, but the real strength is not how much you can push in life, it’s what you can hold, what you can sustain within yourself and around yourself. This is the demonstration of real inner power." [9]

Misapplication of Power

"Many people will attempt to use The Greater Community Way of Knowledge to acquire power, to assure themselves of love and money, to gain advantages in life, to dominate others and to proclaim themselves, but they will not learn The Way of Knowledge." [10]

"You seek greater responsibilities, not greater power. Power without responsibility is destructive. It is arrogant. It is self-serving. And it leads to great harm." [11]

Money, Wealth and Power

"Money is associated with social power, and wealth is associated with social power, the power to control your own circumstances, but also the power to control other people—what they do, what they think, how they perceive you and so forth. So money is directly related to the issue of power."[12]


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