The veil

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"Your mind is a fabulous instrument of communication. It can comprehend the past. It can plan for the future. Indeed, the mind is a great membrane between your worldly existence and your spiritual reality."[1]

"So the separation is fundamentally a problem in perception and communication and awareness. There have been very few individuals in the history of humanity who have been able to break through the veil that seems to separate this physical, temporary, changing reality from your permanent reality, that represents your Ancient Home, where God is known, where you are known, where there are no questions, for there are no conflicts, where change does not exist for it is not needed."[2]

"It is not sudden and dramatic. It does not burst in upon your life. It does not intrude itself upon you. It is something you will gradually be able to feel, as the veil between physical life and life beyond the physical becomes thinner and thinner and as you experience more and more communication and are able to receive the translation of insight and information coming into your mind. Increasingly, you will have a sense that there is a presence, an intelligence, on the other side. Revelation, then, is a slow, growing experience of purpose, meaning and direction in life." [3]


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