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“There is no reason why a man or woman of science cannot have profound Mystery in life.” [1]

"God is the author of all scientific truth." [2]

In Service to Knowledge

"The advancement of science and technology alone will lead you away from the power and presence of Knowledge. Only if science and technology are in service to Knowledge, Knowledge being the prime motivation for the cultivation of science and technology, can they be truly beneficial. It is the motivation that matters. And this motivation either comes from the mind or from the deeper mind of Knowledge within you." [3]

For the Benefit of Humanity

"Knowledge activates all mental and physical abilities for good. It directs all manner of individual pursuits that are for the benefit of humanity. In the arts, in the sciences, in all endeavors, in the simplest gesture and the greatest act, Knowledge demonstrates a greater life and strengthens all of the highest qualities in individuals who are engaged with it." [4]

Limitations of science

"it is very important not to deal with the Mystery in a logical way. Do not treat Mystery objectively. It requires a different approach. If you become scientific about God, well, you will create a great deal of thought about God, but you will still be far removed from the experience, and you will go off in the wrong direction. This is not the realm of scientific approach, and you cannot deal with it logically. God is illogical." [1]

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