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"There is no justification here for the state of people’s existence in life." [1]

"If you contribute your gifts in the world, you will not need to come here again. You will have completed this cycle of your evolution and development." [2]

"In the end, God will win everyone back, even the most wicked. They will just have to work longer to redeem themselves. They will have to give more to counteract their harmful impacts upon others. Here kings will have to be water carriers and till the fields. Here tyrants will have to sweep the streets." [2]

"Everyone will return to heaven eventually but it could take an incredibly long time and a great deal of suffering to get there. Yet, do not think this represents the notion of karma as people often think of it. People use karma to justify the wretched conditions of so many people in the world thinking that, well, they were bad in their last life so they get to have this life as a punishment. That is not the case at all. That becomes a form of cruel justification." [1]


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