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"To become objective with your own internal states, you must operate from a position where you can observe them and where you are not dominated by them. This will allow you to become present to yourself and will give you true compassion and understanding. Then you will not be a tyrant with yourself, and tyranny in your life will come to an end." [1]

"If you are too afraid to face the world objectively, clearly, without condemnation, then the great Love will not be aroused within you, and the greater strength that you carry within you, the greater inspiration and power, will not emerge. It is facing whatever life presents to you as honestly and as objectively as you can—this will bring forth the power of Knowledge and with it, the enduring love."[2]


Objectivity in understanding human nature and experience

"To see another, you must become neutral. Neutral means you are not trying to love them; you are not trying to judge them; you are not trying to put them into a category; you are not trying to evaluate them according to their outward appearances. You are just neutral. You are just looking and listening. Without trying to make anything happen, you are just being present."[3]

"When you are around other people, be neutral and observant. Look and listen for what people are really communicating through their behavior and their words."[3]

"It will serve you a great deal here to observe relationships in real life and not just in the movies. In real life, people are teaching you everything to do and not to do. If you have an open mind, are listening carefully and not simply following your own ambitions or condemning others, then you can learn a great deal from what others are doing, thus saving yourself years of painful experience. Do not think that you are different than they are. Do not think that because you know so much or have so much spiritual awareness or are so physically endowed or so mentally astute that your experience will be that different from what other people are experiencing."[4]


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