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"Only Knowledge will know what to do in the face of ever-increasing uncertainty."[1]

Knowing and not knowing

"Do not think you know. You either do or you do not. Remember this, for the opportunity for self-deception is still with you because you have not yet been willing to face yourself completely, fearing that what you would find would discourage or destroy you. Yet, when you face yourself completely, all you will find is Knowledge." [2]


"Sometimes people struggle and fret over meaningless decisions when neither decision is right because they are not patient enough to wait for Knowledge. Indeed, when Knowledge is ready to act, it can move you and everyone around you. It has such great potency. Yet it has such great compassion that it does not exercise its power except to preserve you. But even here its power can be denied and neglected. Recall the time you felt inner restraint when you were about to do something that you would later regret. Recall the time when you felt a nauseousness within you when you were making a decision that would prove itself to be damaging for you. Recall a time when you felt a giddy excitement over something you really wanted, but you later found out that it was empty. If you can learn to face your own experience and to question it objectively, you will begin to see that there is something with you that keeps you on a sure track. There is something living within you that is not frantic, nervous or reactive. Trust this."[3]

In the Great Waves of Change

"You have come at a time of great difficulty and uncertainty, a time of great discord and risk of war." [4]

"As the the Great Waves of change come, your uncertainty and your vulnerability will increase significantly." [5]

"Everything will be changing, and there will be great uncertainty." [4]

"Where will you turn, who will you turn to in times of great change and uncertainty? Your government? Your friends? Your family? Your religion? And if you cannot find any certainty or clarity there, will you run away into your hobbies or your fantasies or your passions? This is a critical question, you see." [4]

"The strength of your life and the ability of your life to undergo change and uncertainty depend in great part upon [your Four] Pillars." [6]

"There are no quick answers and immediate solutions. People want these things and expect them because they do not have the strength to face uncertainty." [7]

"In facing great change and uncertainty, particularly if it has not been anticipated, people do not rely upon logic and reason as much as upon assumptions, habits and the behavior of the people around them."[8]

"Surely, humanity is reaching a great threshold now that will determine its fate and its future. The evidence of this is all around you, and you can feel it within yourself—the sense of anxiety, the sense of uncertainty, the confusion, the apprehension. The signs in the world are speaking to you—telling you that great change is coming, that it is at your doorstep." [8]

"If there are people who depend upon you remaining as they want you to be, who are afraid of any kind of change or emergence within your life, who would suspect or denounce any kind of deeper inclination you might have to the degree that it would threaten their interest in you, they will hold you back. They will influence you. They will discourage you. They will cast doubt upon you even if they are wonderful and loving people. If they do not recognize the reality of the deeper nature within themselves, then they will regard it within you with suspicion and uncertainty. They will not trust it. They will not know it. It will seem strange, confusing and threatening to them. And whatever they are doing with you in life will seem to be cast in doubt." [6]


On humanity's emergence into the Greater Community

"Real beneficial contact with life in the Universe may not happen until humanity has faced and overcome the Great Waves of change. But in the interim, others will attempt to intervene, to take advantage of increasing human conflict and uncertainty, the uncertainty and conflict that can be generated by the Great Waves of change themselves."[9]

Regarding the New Message from God

"If you should deny the Messenger and the Revelation, God will not punish you. But do not seek favor with God. Do not seek favor with the Angelic Assembly that watches over this world.

You cannot be neutral. If you maintain a position of uncertainty, it is because you are afraid to see and know. It is clear as day if you are without preferences in this matter."[10]


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