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The Greater Community

Your Lineage

"You are guardians of a treasure unknowingly. Your treasure is your lineage, the accrued learning of all of your activities here and abroad." [1]

"If you are to recall your lineage and with it the knowledge of your mission here, you must be able to expand beyond your human identity and affairs and yet bring all that you discover back to serve them." [2]

“You are not merely a human being in this one world. You are a citizen of the Greater Community of worlds. This is the physical universe that you recognize through your senses. It is far greater than you can now comprehend... You are a citizen of a greater physical universe. This acknowledges not only your Lineage and your Heritage but also your purpose in life at this time, for the world of humanity is growing into the life of the Greater Community of worlds. This is known to you, though your beliefs may not yet account for it.” [3]

Great Allies

“You have great friends beyond this world. That is why humanity is seeking to enter into the Greater Community because the Greater Community represents a broader range of its true relationships. You have true friends beyond the world because you are not alone in the world and you are not alone in the Greater Community of worlds. You have friends beyond this world because your Spiritual Family has its representatives everywhere. You have friends beyond this world because you are working not merely on the evolution of your world but on the evolution of the universe as well. Beyond your imagination, beyond your conceptual capabilities, this is most certainly true.” [4]

"There are many Teachers who serve this world, for this is the world of their lineage. There are Teachers of those Teachers who serve the Greater Community at large, and there are Teachers of those Teachers, and so on and so forth. You are not asked to understand this, for you could not be in the world and have this understanding. But you are all asked to receive those who have been sent to help and guide you." [5]

"All of the grievances that have existed for thousands of years are now becoming felt and sharply manifested. Is this convergence not given great support by those who wait to reunite with others who share their lineage here?" [6]


The Lineage of the Messenger

"If you can understand the origin of the Messenger, you will begin to understand your origin and what has called you into the world, which is an entirely different way of looking at your life—your present life, your past life and your future—and indeed a remarkable way of looking at the world, for there will be no condemnation here, only recognition and determination and great compassion for humanity as it struggles to find its real strength at a time of Revelation." [7]

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