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"Stillness regenerates conscience." [1]

Deeper than social conscience

"We are told that human conscience is highly valued though perhaps not always followed. It is this that we are speaking of when we talk about The Way of Knowledge. It is fundamental to all of your true spiritual impulses. It is contained in your religions already. It is not new to you. But it must be valued, or our efforts and the efforts of the Unseen Ones to prepare humanity for the Greater Community will not be successful."[2]

Defaulting to social conscience

"This deeper conscience is not your social conscience. It is not what you have been taught to believe, or to think you must do, or what society says is right and wrong, proper or improper. Your fundamental conscience is deeper than this. It is established within you and all sentient beings. But in this world and in other worlds as well, this deeper conscience can go unrecognized, and social conditioning can replace it as a criteria for how to live and how to establish the guidelines for what is proper and creative and beneficial, and what is not."[3]


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Further Study

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