As above, so below

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"Everything that I am presenting here is absolutely essential for your success and well-being, even if you remained an isolated race. Yet, I paint a greater picture and illustrate the larger range of your relationships and the influences that are being cast upon the world at this time from beyond the world. How much greater this is! This is your life. If you learn to respond to your life, you will be able to participate in a way that is both effective and satisfying. If you cannot respond, then you will feel infringed upon by the changes and influences that are shaping you, both from within your world and from beyond. And you will find no relief from the miseries that attend you until this responsibility is recognized and is accepted. This is true within your own individual life. This is true within your life as a community, within your life as a nation, and within your life as a world in the Greater Community. As it is above, so it is below, for the truth exists everywhere. The denial of truth and the acceptance of truth is a process that is going on wherever intelligent life has emerged."[1]

As Above, So Below

"As above, so below. Do you think the universe is full of enlightened beings? How can you be so foolish to think these things? Do you think other races are fascinated with humanity, as if your idiosyncracies are just a delight to other races? Do you really believe that advanced technology liberates you from having to survive in a competitive environment and having to gain access to resources?"[2]


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