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"Life is calling you. It is calling you to consider greater things and to call upon a Greater Power within yourself which will enable you to learn greater things and to achieve greater things. Return to your individual life, but with a greater awareness, a greater discenment and the need to understand things on a greater scale." [1]

Not completely separate

"You have no origin really because you are a part of Creation. An origin would only be meaningful within the context of time and in the context of form. But you originate beyond time and form, and so in essence you have no origin. Because you have no origin, you have no end point. That part of you that is eternal and complete, that resides in a deeper part of your mind, lives in this reality." [2]

Concentrated individuals

"Great conflicts in the world—wars, cultural conflicts and competition for land and resources have all been waged by powerful individuals. Everyone else just goes along or tries to hide and escape. The world that you live in is governed by individuals. A very small percentage of the population impacts humanity and determines its activities."[3]

"What informs individuals’ decisions will make all the difference. What voice they listen to, whether it be the power and the presence of Knowledge that God has given to them to guide them and to protect them, or whether it be the voice of their culture or the voice of fear or the voice of anger or ambition. The choices are fundamental for the individual, and what individuals decide will determine the fate and the future of humanity. Therefore, the responsibility falls upon everyone, not only on leaders and institutions. That is why God is bringing the New Message to the people and not to the leaders of nations. For the leaders are not free. They are bound by their office and to those who got them elected, to the expectations of others. That is why the Revelation is coming to you and to the people. It is their decisions and determination that will make all the difference." [4]


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