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"Knowledge is your real life because it is your greater life. It is your immortal life as it exists in the world today. It is the example and demonstration of the Creator nurturing and upholding your development and your existence here within a myriad of changing conditions." [1]

"What is permanent within you is Knowledge. Your intellect is a vehicle for Knowledge. It is temporary. Knowledge is the permanent and the immortal part of you. To find a permanent life, you must venture beyond your temporary life. To find a permanent intelligence, you must be willing to pass through your temporary intelligence. Accept what is permanent and what is temporary here. This will give you great freedom and flexibility in life." [2]

"Spiritual development, said in the simplest of ways, is reclaiming your relationship with Knowledge—the immortal and eternal aspect of yourself that you have brought into this world. [3]

"For the person of the New Message, they have a great responsibility here, perhaps greater than anything they have ever considered for themselves. Part of them still wants to go off and be happy and carefree somewhere, to live a kind of idyllic, irresponsible life. But deep within them there is emerging a stronger power and a deeper voice and a sense of commitment and direction that are now becoming their framework and their context. They are connected to the future. They are connected to the Greater Community. They are connected to their time and to the great times to come. They are beginning to respond as if they were actually sent to the world to achieve something specific in concert with certain individuals. They are actually beginning to think and feel like immortal beings that are here to provide service in a temporary and troubled environment." [4]


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