The New God

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Not the old God

  • misapprehended, a projection of human personality and tendencies
  • preoccupied with Earth
  • judgmental, condemnatory
  • needing praise and worship, obedience and adulation
  • tribal, favoring one nation over another, leading people to war
  • responsible for natural disasters, plagues, illness and catastrophe
  • useful for political justification
  • dominated by institutional ideology
  • a God of one world, one people or one tribe
  • a God that thinks, acts or behaves as humans do
  • limited to one Revelation for humanity

The new God

  • set into motion the forces of nature, evolution, and geologic change at the beginning of time
  • watches over all worlds
  • calls the separated to return through the avenues of religion, of conscience, of true love and recognition
  • does not care what your religious beliefs are if they facilitate Knowledge

Things that interest the new God

  • the deeper movement of the heart and the conscience
  • acts of selfless giving and forgiveness
  • the desire to contribute beyond one's own personal needs and preferences
  • the recognition of one to another
  • an enemy becoming a friend
  • the healing of a despoiled world

Long Quotes

"People have great expectations of God once they accept that God is a reality. They expect God to solve their personal problems, to save them from their own calamities, to restore their loved ones when they are sick, to prevent death and difficulty for those whom they love, to bring about peace and equanimity amongst warring tribes, to effect sweeping change without upsetting anyone's concerns or priorities and to bring about miracles great and small, yet in such a way that no one is offended, no one is challenged and no one has to change."