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"Thinking you know is thinking without Knowledge, which is always mindless and engenders confusion and self-doubt." [1]

"Your ... interactions with others ... will provide the environment where you will either reclaim your True Self or deepen the darkness of your separation and self-doubt."[2]


"Allow yourself to leave self-doubt and the sense of unworthiness aside, for these things will be consumed in the fire of Knowledge and purified from your mind." [3]

"You will have to make very big decisions in the face of the Great Waves of change, perhaps bigger than anything you have ever done. You will have to guide others who are far weaker than you, who do not have this strength or this faith in Knowledge. How will you do it? You cannot vacillate endlessly. You cannot be ambivalent. You cannot be indecisive for very long. You will have to make really big decisions, act upon them and overcome your self-doubt, your fear and your anxiety."[4]

"Most people are far overdue in taking action regarding things that they have seen and known. They are afraid to face the discomfort, afraid to face the self-doubt and afraid to give up some small perceived benefit in order to change their attitude or behavior in a way that is utterly beneficial to them."[5]

"Self-doubt may continue in the face of Knowledge, but Knowledge is so much greater because your whole being will be engaged in the activity. Only the littleness of your self-doubt, born of your own false beliefs, can argue against it. Yet, its arguments are pathetic and pitiful and lack depth and conviction."[6]

In Changing Times

"Change is upsetting. It is costly. It is risky. Unless the situation is utterly terrible, people adapt and build their lives around a set of circumstances. To change requires a great force from within them. This involves inconvenience. It involves self-doubt. It involves living with questions that one cannot fully answer. It involves taking action and giving up privileges or seeming benefits at the outset."[5]

Surviving Self-Doubt Along The Way

"We teach people to recognize their Knowledge, to begin to use it and to begin the path of Knowledge according to the Ancient Teaching. Immediately people are faced with a few obstacles. Primary amongst these obstacles is their own self-doubt, which reflects their self-hatred. Can you trust something inside yourself when your mind has fooled you so many times, when so many times you found out you were wrong when you thought you were right, when you did such stupid things so many times?"[7]

"When individuals begins to follow their Knowledge, they are confronted with their own self-doubt and their fear of self-judgment. It is their own ideas they are afraid of. What scares them is their own ideas! Well, the only way to know that an idea is only an idea is to face it if it stands in your way. If you become a student of Knowledge and you begin to follow a deeper, more profound power within you, you will be confronted with your own doubts and your own judgments about life.""[7]

"What can undermine your preparation and your contribution but self-doubt and fear? What can dissuade you from proceeding with certainty and complete engagement but the doubt that Knowledge exists in the world?"[8]

"Like walking across the long footbridge, if you keep talking steps and keep focused on your goal, you will reach the other side and you will spare yourself much anxiety and aggravation. This is how you surpass self-doubt; this is how you continue forward and transcend those things that obstructed you previously."[9]

"With Knowledge you cannot be at war within yourself. In time, all of your self-doubt, uncertainty, fear and anxiety will wear away.'[10]

Further Study

Wisdom from the Greater Community Volume Two, Chapter 27: Self-Doubt


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