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What people want from the Messenger

"People want many things from the Creator of all life. And people will want many things from the Messenger who has been sent, the only Messenger in the world today, and in the many days to come. People want miracles. People want to be rescued from their circumstances. People want to be given favors and dispensations. People want to be served. People want to be strengthened. People want victory in war and prosperity in peace."[1]

"People want the Messenger to fit their expectations and definitions, you see. They want him to be pure, magnanimous, magnificent, all powerful, able to do things that no one else can do to prove himself to them, when in reality they must prove themselves to him."[2]

"With recognition comes acceptance that is not true—people rushing to meet the Messenger, but for all the wrong reasons, wanting special favors, wanting miracles, wanting special dispensations, wanting to be with the Messenger, to be part of his special entourage, to travel with him and be his companion and to claim all of the significance and recognition for this."[2]


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