Do not wait

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"Do not wait for calamity to teach you what you needed to know in the first place." [1]

"So, you see, there is a tremendous opportunity and need for advancement. Not everyone has to become engaged in this preparation, but a significant number of people need to. The race is furthered by the actions of a relatively small percentage of the population, but everyone has to be able to go along with it. Do not wait until your environment begins to fail you. Do not wait until your food supply becomes threatened and begins to diminish. Do not wait until your nations are bankrupt from warfare and exploitation. Then the road to recovery will be very difficult and possibly too difficult to achieve." [2]

"Start with what you know today so that you may know something tomorrow. Already you know things you must do that you are not doing. Already you realize there are changes you must make in your behavior and perhaps in your thinking as well, and you are either not doing them or you have not fully carried them out yet. Do not wait for greater certainty to come. Do not wait for new insights. Carry out what you know to do today." [3]


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