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"In your deeper meditations you practice receiving, and in your hourly practices you practice giving." [1]

Spiritual Practice


"In your hourly remembrances and in your longer meditations in stillness today, allow your efforts to supplement the efforts of others, which will supplement your efforts. Allow the combination of your mutual dedication, then, to be a source of strength which you will experience this day and which will be experienced by those whom you have not yet met in this life." [2]

"For Steps Practice, I recommend you kept a Steps Practice Journal and enter into it a record of your study and practice around that Step. Also, do all contemplation practices in Writing in your Journal. With this you really have something to review and to build upon during the Review Steps." [3]

Suggestions for stillness

"Enter into stillness and peace."[4]

"Do not petition for answers because you do not need to do this in your meditation practices. Your time now is to practice receiving Knowledge." [4]

"Begin by taking three deep breaths and then focusing on an internal point. It may be an imaginary point or it may be a point in your physical body. With eyes closed, simply give this your full attention, without judgment and evaluation. Do not be discouraged if early attempts prove difficult." [5]

"Practice without the expectation of a result. Do not use this practice to ask any form of question because you are practicing stillness, in which all speculation, all questions and all searching end. For 15 minutes, twice today, practice stillness." [6]

"Repeat your idea for the day and enter into stillness."[7]

"Allow this to be a day where Knowledge is strengthened."[7]

"Attempt to give yourself wholeheartedly to your practice." [8]


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