Metaphors for the new life

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"There is no magic pill. There is no magic button. There is no elevator that takes you to Heaven. You have to forge a new union within yourself, and this represents the core purpose of most spiritual practice, [which] is a reorientation of the mind from trying to be its own master and lord to serving that which is there to guide it, which God has put within you to guide it."[1]

As if you have turned a corner

"It is as if you have turned 180 degrees and now everything feels different, and your relationship and position with everything is different. A deeper set of needs is emerging, and they require your attention and support. They require others who are capable of honoring this within you, without giving it definition or explanation.

It is as if you have turned a corner in life. Somehow you turned a corner and now you are moving in a slightly different direction. And even though you appear to be the same, and perhaps your circumstances have not changed very much, something inside has really changed, has reset your life and has altered your relationship with the universe in some small, but very significant way."[2]


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