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"To turn towards your Source knowing your great need is the most primary thing you could do." [1]


"You are going to have to follow a deeper power within yourself now." [2]

"For you must be centered in a crashing world. You must be strong. You must be purposeful. You must know where to give yourself and where to hold yourself back. You must be certain about who to be with and who not to be with despite any other possible attraction or intrigue that has gained control of your mind." [3]

"The Assembly knows what is coming if humanity does not prepare. For this has happened countless times in the universe where rare and beautiful worlds such as this are destroyed and ruined by the ignorance of their native population, exploited and plundered and contaminated to a degree where the natural environment begins to decline. You cannot afford this. You must see this. You must face this. You must have the courage, the honesty and the humility to face this." [2]

"You must respond. Look and listen. Do not come to premature conclusions. Face your own fear, but do not succumb to it. Face your own sense of insecurity, but do not succumb to it. Face the fact that you have very few answers for anything, but do not succumb to this either." [4]


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