Erosion in the Four Pillars of Life

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"You are but a young race, young and reckless—a young race who is beginning to experience the benefits and the liabilities of technological power; a young race who is despoiling a beautiful planet, a planet that is valued by others; a young race without wisdom and foresight who is eroding away its self-sufficiency.[1]

Crumbling pillars.jpg


"Do not choose companions who are less concentrated than you are, for they will take things away from you. They will dilute your focus. They will confuse you. They will generate uncertainty within you, cloud your vision and erode your ability to stay concentrated on your path in life."[2]

"You are asked to prepare for the world, not to use religion as a form of escape." [3]

"Think clearly here. Realize what great responsibility there is in managing and maintaining one’s own ship with wisdom and authority. This is a challenge that few in the world have ever met sufficiently. To maintain your ship as the captain of your ship so that your journey can be fulfilled is something that very few people have accomplished."[4]

Work and providership

"The investment is consuming more and more of their attention, their energy, their focus, their well-being and their time. It is eroding their relationships. It is dominating their focus and priorities. Then, they turn away from money saying, 'I am going to do something very different.' So, they try to live without money or they deny it. But this is how a person tries to reposition himself or herself with something that has become an addiction. Look at the behavior of the person engaged in addiction. They are going hot and cold with their addiction."[5]

"Other people have no real work life. Somehow they have just gotten by because all of their focus has been upon other things. So they are financially unstable, which is constantly eroding away their life and undermining their relationships. They do not have the strength and the stability to carry on greater activities because they do not have the foundation for this. They are not willing to make the sacrifices that are necessary."[6]


"The Intervention is eroding human confidence, encouraging humanity’s dependence on foreign powers for its technology, for its guidance and for its governance, while your true allies will only provide wisdom and point the direction towards Knowledge.".[1]

"No union is possible in a relationship that is based upon romance alone. The happiness and pleasures of such a relationship are momentary and fleeting and are constantly being eroded by the challenges of life."[7]

"In relationship you must cultivate yourself to participate. If you cease cultivating yourself, your ability to participate will erode and will begin to fade. If the other person is growing and you are not, they will out-distance you and you will lose your compatibility." "[8]

Spiritual Development

"There is satisfaction with accomplishment. There is satisfaction in relationships that are geared towards accomplishment. The fact that these values have been eroded or are associated with earlier times or with old ideas is truly unfortunate.""[9]

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"The source of all fear is the belief that you are temporary, that death awaits you and that everything you value and everything that is meaningful to you can be taken away at any moment.With this belief, you are extremely vulnerable.Your happiness, then, can be ended in the next moment.Terrible things may happen, yes? With so many fears and so many threats to your well-being, real and imagined, how can you be happy with all these conditions, with trying to save a little piece of life for yourself alone while time is eroding everything away."[10]

"The spirit of religion becomes lost when it is united with commercial and practical needs exclusively. Its ethical foundation erodes away, its spiritual emphasis erodes away, it becomes formalized, rigid, governed by rules and regulations; it becomes constrained by the governance of the state, of political powers, economic power, and the life goes out of it. It becomes stale and static and oppressive as a result."[11]

"Human spirituality is eroding away in the world, the true nature of human spirituality. The deeper nature of each person is becoming ever more remote as your societies become increasingly technological and secular. The divisions between religions are so severe and so damaging, even the divisions within religions will add a great deal to human conflict and suffering in the future, as they are now." [3]


"In a way, the world is very much a larger demonstration of what you are individually, for it has a body, a mind and a spiritual nature as well. It is a larger you. If the mind of the world, the collective mind of the people, misuses the body of the world, the world’s ability to support the human family will be eroded, spoiled and eventually destroyed."[12]


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