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"Eccentricity will only weaken you and lead you to failure."[1]


"You do not have the time to become eccentric or obsessed with anyone or anything."[1]

The Antidote to Eccentricity

"Building the Four Pillars of your life is the perfect antidote to eccentricity and self obsession, which are the source of so much mental illness and personal failure."[1]

"Without this Four Pillars approach to your life, you will become very prone to eccentricity."[1]

"Very few people have adequately built all Four Pillars of their lives. To do so is a perfect antidote to eccentricity and extremism."[2]

"For if you are really building and maintaining the Four Pillars of your life, you cannot be extreme or eccentric in any area. You cannot be compulsive. You cannot be addicted because you will be so busy taking care of the fundamental Pillars of your life, you will not have time for foolishness or self-destructive behaviors."[2]

"The New Message will provide the tools, but you must use them and learn to use them wisely—building the Four Pillars of your life to counteract eccentricity in areas of your life where you are in denial."[3]

"To understand the unity of religions, you would have to at least contemplate the immense diversity of religious expression and practice in the universe. And you would have to consider that if you feel God is real, then your God is the God of this universe and everything in it and its countless forms of intelligent life, all so very different from you. Everything becomes broadened and expanded here. This is the perfect antidote to eccentricity, to religious fundamentalism, to extreme religious views and to self-righteousness and domination over others."[4]

Eccentricity as a Condition of Separation

"God allows you to be in Separation. God allows you to suffer. God allows you to make mistakes because that is why you have chosen Separation—to have this freedom. God knows that without Knowledge, people would be in error regarding these things and would make many mistakes along the way. It is the condition of living in Separation."[5]


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