Common sense

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"Common sense is like kindergarten Knowledge. It is like Knowledge at a very rudimentary level. That’s when something is obvious and it keeps bumping into you. If you don’t pay your bills, you will lose things. If you lie to people, trouble will come after you. This is all common sense, or kindergarten Knowledge. In other words, most people know these things, but they choose not to pay attention because it is not expedient in the moment to do so, or perhaps it will cost some money, or they will have to deal with some kind of discomfort in regard to it, or it will just be more effort in the daily living of life." [1]

"Most little problems can be solved by common sense. If they are neglected or avoided or if you are not aware of them, they become intermediate problems, and then Knowledge will help you. For instance, if you feel the need to go to the doctor because you have an ache and you don’t get the message and say to yourself, “Oh, I can’t afford it. I will deal with it some other way,” or something like this, eventually it becomes an intermediate problem, and Knowledge will start to prompt you to do something. You will start to feel that you must do something. You will feel the inner prompting of Knowledge." [1]


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