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"You will hear people say, “Do not worry. Nations will rebuild.” You will hear many things said—great proclamations, optimistic proclamations, or others saying that it will be total catastrophe and everything will collapse.

But neither of these are true. The new world will be unstable and unpredictable, but humanity’s experience in the world is not over. And in fact, the changing circumstances of your life give you the greatest possible opportunity to establish human unity in the world—cooperation built now of necessity, required to survive and to establish an orderly world in the face of great change."[1]

"This is why there is a New Message from God in the world, you see, for humanity is facing the risk of collapse—the collapse of human civilization, the collapse of a stable world and certainly a just world, the gradual and incremental collapse of everything that is established for the good, the means by which individuals and groups and nations carry on essential and valuable and beneficial activities, as well as those that tend to be destructive and foolish in nature." [2]


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