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"You can know what you are seeing if you ask yourself if it is real." [1]

A Greater Community Reality

"Perhaps the most critical questions to ask yourself are,
“Are we humans alone within the universe or in our own world?
Are we being visited at this time?" [1]

Personal Threshold

"Perhaps in a moment of despair or extreme self-doubt, you begin to ask yourself, What is the truth? You ask it now not to parlay with the truth, not to negotiate with the truth, but simply because you need it with your heart and soul." [2]

"You take everything you are doing in life, and you ask yourself, 'Fundamentally, is this what I really need to be doing?'" [3]

"Ask yourself,
'Am I where I need to be in life? Am I with the people that I need to associate with? Am I engaged in the activities that are purposeful and necessary for me? Am I using my time well? Should I be in this relationship, and this relationship?'

Review all your relationships, seeking a deeper response from yourself, a deeper honesty, a deeper reckoning. Not playing life for its advantages, but penetrating life for its real truth and direction. Not being a coward. Not being a fool. Not being a slave to the wishes of others or to your own cultural conditioning." [4]

"Ask yourself,
'What must I do to learn about my real purpose?'" [5]

"There is a clamoring for change, but who will change, and what will change? People who are wealthy want to keep their wealth and have more. People who are not wealthy want wealth, and they need many practical things. And then, of course, there are vast and ever-growing numbers of people in the world who cannot even meet the daily requirements of life. They need reliable and sufficient sources of food. They need political stability. They need security. They need ethical governance. The needs are immense and growing. But you must ask yourself: Who will have to change here? And while you may point the finger at certain people or institutions, if you are really honest in your questioning, you must come down to yourself." [6]

Continue to Ask Yourself

“Ask yourself, Why am I practicing?” [7]


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