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"For how can you not remember where you lived in eternity? How can you not remember what that felt like? How can you not remember those who sent you into the world? [1]

"You were born in a state of amnesia." [2]

"Obsessed and preoccupied, unaware of what is happening within them and around them, not really participating in life, not really present for others, sort of living in their own little nightmarish world, hoping that life around them will not impinge upon their obsessions? This is the sad state of so many people, and everyone suffers from this to a certain degree. It is kind of a social amnesia, where people literally forget who they are, what they are, where they are going and what they are doing. They are not paying attention, or they are only paying attention to one or two things to the negligence of everything else." [3]

"If you penetrate the membrane that separates this world from the life beyond, it becomes very difficult to concentrate on being here because the life beyond is so alluring. It is so attractive. It is easier to be yourself there than it is here.That is why you must enter the world in an amnesiac state to enable yourself to concentrate on being here." [4]

"It is simply a memory that comes to you when your mind is opened—a sense of relationship and a sense of purpose. The amnesia of being in the world has worn off temporarily and you have a sense of continuity in life.This produces enduring happiness." [5]

"In the world, people live in a state of amnesia. Like fish in a tank. Your world is that tank. Rarely can you see beyond the waters of your little world." [6]

"You have a choice. You will either follow the emerging power of Knowledge, however mysterious, or you will conform to the needs and the preferences of your family or friends. Many people fail at this point, merging back into the amnesia of culture, to the addiction of culture, to the manipulation of culture. They awoke briefly, only to be subsumed by the powers in the mental environment around them, pulling them back in—into confusion, into irresponsibility, into fantasy." [7]


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