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Legalization of abortion

"Abortion really is not correct, except in very rare cases where the mother’s life is seriously endangered. But here it is also recommended that abortion not be made illegal, for this would not change the outcome but would only make it worse. Instead it must be a moral commitment, a priority for people to understand that every person who comes into the world has a mission in coming into the world, is meant to come into the world." [1]

Consequence of abortion

"Abortion is a violation of God’s nature and purpose, for every person who comes into the world has been sent here for a purpose. To deny them this purpose and this opportunity for your own convenience is to be grossly negligent. It is destructive. There is a condition, however, which gives you one exemption from this, and that is if the extra person would lead to starvation or to tremendous travail, then their entry into the world can be denied. If their entry into the world would lead to suffering and starvation and aggravated misery of the rest of their family and their local community, then their entry can be denied. They will have to wait to come." [2]


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