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Here are the basic standards for posting and editing in the wiki. Discussion and questions are in the discussion page.

Quotation Marks

All direct quotes should be wrapped in quotation marks, to differentiate them from paraphrases or summaries.

Capitalization, punctuation and square brackets

Punctuation and capitalization should be edited as needed for clarity, so long as it does not corrupt the meaning of message. There is no need to put [S]quare brackets on a capitalization, and probably not for ellipses to prematurely end a sentence... However, please do use ellipses to remove segments from the middle of a quote. eg. "God has... spoken again."

Quote size

All quotations should be as brief as possible: two paragraphs maximum.

Original writing

Please avoid all original writing for now. Down the road we will do summarizing and paraphrasing, but let's keep it immaculate for now.

Outside material

Outside material should kept to a bare minimum, carefully sourced, directly (and helpfully) supporting a statement from the New Message, and not in violation of copyrights.

New pages

Every page should be a topic, a subject, referred to in the New Message. The clearer and more direct, the better. There are a few exceptions: common questions, the feeds page, and this one, for example.

Optimal page layout


Personal Testimony

Personal testimony should not live on the New Message Wiki. If it is relevant, it can be linked to or referred to on another web site.