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===See also===
==See also==
[[The Intervention]]
[[The Intervention]]

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"You live in an emerging world. Let your understanding of this be incomplete, but keep your eyes and ears open. Keep your mind fresh. Do not settle on old ideas or comfortable conclusions." [1]


"Step beyond the limits of human awareness and understanding into a greater physical and spiritual universe called the Greater Community. As you are about to witness, our education about our life, meaning and spirituality is at a new beginning." [2]

Emerging into the Greater Community of Intelligent Life

"For humanity has reached a great threshold, a threshold from which there is no turning back. It is a threshold unlike any threshold that humanity as a whole has ever reached before.... You are entering a competitive environment in the Universe unlike anything you could even imagine... You have reached the great threshold where you have the power to destroy the life-sustaining resources of this world and to set humanity into a permanent state of decline... You are living in a time when humanity faces its greatest threshold, its greatest challenges, its greatest danger and yet its one great opportunity to establish human cooperation and unity in the face of great and dire circumstances." [3]

"[There is a] gulf that exists between a primitive race and an advancing race in the Greater Community. You are still a primitive race, but life is requiring that you pass over this gulf and learn to become an advancing race in the Greater Community.... You must outgrow your primitive tendencies. You must go beyond your history. Your history is nothing to be proud of. However, you can see in your history a great movement towards unification, towards world inhabitancy, towards solving world problems and towards humanity achieving a greater awareness, education and responsibility." [4]

"Because humanity now spans your world, at least the surface of your world, and has gained a relative degree of control of the world with great risks, it is important now for you to know that you are entering into a new era. It is not a new age, for an age is a very long time. This is a period of transition, which will be difficult and turbulent. Its opportunities and demands will be tremendous. Its risk of failure will be substantial. It is not a time for the faint of heart or for the weak minded. It is not a time for the ambivalent or the self-indulgent. It is a time for great strength and dedication. Knowledge within you will give you this strength and determination." [5]

"It is no accident you are here at this time. God has sent you into the world at this time to help prepare humanity for its emergence into a Greater Community of intelligent life. But this emergence must be carried out with wisdom and discernment, strength and determination. This is no casual matter. It is the greatest threshold that humanity will ever face. And you will either gain strength and unity or lose your freedom in such an emergence." [6]

"You are at a great threshold, and for you individually this means that your life is being accelerated to meet this threshold, to prepare for this threshold, to engage with this threshold. But how can this be done without a New Revelation from God? There is not a person on Earth who has the wisdom, the capacity and the comprehension to deal with everything humanity will be facing as it passes through this threshold into a new and more challenging world. Who on Earth can prepare humanity for life in the universe, the great engagement—an engagement that is already taking place, in secrecy, carried out by groups who are here to take advantage of your ignorance and superstitions?" [7]

Personal Thresholds


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See also

The Intervention

The Greater Community

Further Study

Living The Way of Knowledge, Chapter 1: "Living in an Emerging World"