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"You are amongst the first to respond to the New Revelation. It is for a purpose that this is so. It is no accident that this is so. You who are still trying to plan your own fulfillment in life do not yet realize you have a greater destiny here, a destiny that will be uniquely expressed in your life, but it is a destiny you will share with others, for no one is in the world by accident now." [1]


"Those who walk with the Messenger in his time on Earth will be considered so fortunate to have this opportunity by all those in the future who will not be present at this time, or who cannot respond at this time."[2]


"You must become strong and determined, competent and responsible in all things." [3]

"Therefore, accept this challenge. It is the greatest opportunity of your life. It is a blessing that you are among the first to respond. Come to this with your eyes open. Bring your questions. Bring your doubts. But listen and learn, and allow your heart and your soul to respond, for this is the deeper part of you that the New Message is here to reveal." [4]

Who the Messenger Is Looking For

I am looking for "those who see the importance of the New Message as a gift to the world,
as what is going to restore and even save humanity from calamity" ...
"and what is going to restore spirituality beyond all the excesses and errors of religious thinking and adoption.
I am looking for people who see the big picture with the New Message.
They" ... "realize this is the most important thing in the world today, and they feel that they are a part of that.
I am looking for those people who are going to help me carry this mission into the world
and who are going to stand with me to recognize its rewards, its hazards and its risks.
I am looking for the people who are going to help me bring God’s New Revelation for humanity into the world,
and they’re going to do this to assist me and not work apart from me—not take this upon themselves alone to do, for that is not their mission and their task.
I am looking for those who have the strength and the humility to see they are part of something greater, and that has always been their destiny.
And however far they’ve strayed from that destiny in the past, it has in the end brought them back and brought them here—to where their calling truly exists.
I am looking for those who will be part of the mission of bringing God’s New Revelation into the world,
working in concert with me and with those very unique and important individuals who have gathered around me and who have assisted me through the long journey.
I am looking for those who have the strength and the humility to see they are part of something greater, and that has always been their destiny.
And however far they’ve strayed from that destiny in the past, it has in the end brought them back and brought them here—to where their calling truly exists.” [5]

Who Will Respond

"There are many people in the world today who have an inherent knowledge of the Greater Community and who are sensitive to it.
There are many others who have been taken by the visitors already but who have not yielded to them or to their persuasion.
And there are many others who are concerned about the future of humanity and who are alerted to the dangers that humanity faces, even within your own world.
People in all or any of these three categories may be amongst the first to respond to the Greater Community reality and to the preparation for the Greater Community. They may come from any walk of life, from any nation, from any religious background or from any economic group. They are literally all over the world. It is upon them and upon their response that the great Spiritual Powers that protect and oversee human welfare are depending."


"In these sacred years of the life of the Messenger, who will be his companions?
Who will be his assistants?
Who will receive the gift from him and share it with others?
This is a time of Revelation, you see. It only comes once in a millennium, and you are living at such a time.
Does this not shed light on your greater purpose in the world?
Does this not have relevance to why you were sent and what you are here to ultimately accomplish?
Does this not connect with Knowledge within you, which is connected to Knowledge in the universe and to the Creator, which is its Source?
Even if you are alone in receiving the Revelation, you are part of its reality as you proceed. And this reality will grow for you naturally, for it emanates from within you outwardly—adjusting your outer life, affecting your values and priorities, giving you a deeper confidence and a greater strength."[2]

"So while people are studying and practicing and attempting to bring the New Message into their life and circumstances, there are those who will see they must be a part of its dissemination, and that is their main priority. For them, their self-development is related to their role in this regard, primarily. They are not trying to perfect themselves. They are not trying to be enlightened. They are not trying to be at peace or at ease in all situations. They are here to assume a greater mantle and to use all of the development that the New Message contains to support that development because in the end, all of your growth and development is for this purpose."[5]

What They Will Need

"They are not just here to embellish their lives or to restore themselves or to find happiness or reprieve." ...
"And if they are mature as individuals, they will have the humility to recognize that their service is not something that they establish for themselves but is something that merely is shown to them through the needs of the mission itself in support of its Messenger.
They have to be ready, however.
They have to be stable.
They have to be strong.
They can’t bring a host of internal conflicts and disassociation into this sacred environment.
They need to have made some peace with their past and recognize that their destiny is beyond that and use their past to develop wisdom, perspective and objectivity regarding themselves and the world around them." [5]

Their responsibility

"Such a precious thing coming into the world in such a pure and simple form must be protected and nurtured by those who will be amongst the first to receive it, for that is their great responsibility, you see. It is not enough to merely be the recipients and the great beneficiaries of God’s New Revelation for the world. They must also seek to protect the Message and the Messenger."[7]

"Those who are amongst the first to receive and to recognize that God has spoken again must take it upon themselves to maintain the Revelation in its pure form, without wedding it to other teachings, ideas or beliefs."[7]


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