The Society for the New Message from God

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Founded in 1992 by Marshall Vian Summers, The Society for the New Message from God is an independent religious non-profit organization, whose mission is to assist Marshall Vian Summers in bringing the New Message from God into the world, to preserve the New Message from God in its original form, and to learn and live the New Message from God, so that humanity can find its common ground, preserve the Earth, protect human freedom and advance human civilization as we stand at the threshold of great change.

The Society's members have dedicated their lives to this, and share practices and observances in accordance with their mission.

Current members of The Society

  • Patricia Summers
  • Reed Summers
  • Ayesha Summers
  • Darlene Mitchell
  • Ellen Mitchell
  • Carol Coffey
  • Ana Burrows
  • William Burrows
  • Jeanine Butler
  • Robert Busbey
  • Tyyne Andrews

The Society is also known as The Society for the Greater Community Way of Knowledge, The Society for the New Message, or simply The Society.


"Clearly, there must be a great community of respondents, and they must be very connected to the Messenger and to those who assist him. For the Revelation comes through him. He is the Vehicle of Revelation. Those he has chosen to assist him closely, who have proven themselves over time, they must be honored. Whoever can respond must associate with them."[1]

“Do not think that you can do a better plan for presenting this to the world. Do not play the Judas role. Do not betray the Messenger.”[1]

Concentricity for Unity

“It is the Messenger and those who will carry on his work beyond his life. They are all one. You cannot really have one without the other and really be able to receive the blessings and the great power that God is bestowing upon you and through you and others upon the whole world.”[1]

“The only authentic Worldwide Community then would be in concentric circles around the Messenger and those who carry the Message with him. Anything beyond this, apart from this, cannot be held to be pure and authentic.”[1]

You and The Society

“It is your relationship with the Messenger and with his Sacred Community that will be your anchor in this world, that will be the center of the wheel, that will be the lighthouse upon the stormy seas.”"[1]

“To be part of this Community is to give your mind and heart to this—to the Messenger, the Message and those who will carry on his Message with his blessings and approval.”[1]

Sharing the Burden of the Messenger

“Beyond the Messenger’s life, there will be nothing added to the Revelation. The Seal of the Prophets will close behind him, and Heaven will have nothing more to say. It will be up to the fidelity, the wisdom and the union of people to carry this forward in the tradition in which it was given, directed by the Community that has supported it all these many years.”[1]