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"Some people will say that the last prophet was given long ago, but they do not know the mind of God. How could they be so arrogant and presumptive to think they know what God will do?" [1]

"A great teacher points the way. A great prophet gives the warning. A Messenger from God provides something new for humanity. But none of them are redeemers. They cannot replace what God has placed within you to be the source and the center of your salvation."[2]

"You will hear people proclaim that there can be no new prophet in the world. You will hear people say that Jesus was the only prophet. You will hear people say that Mohammed was the last prophet. There could be no more prophets. But this is ignorant and out of touch. This is saying that God has lost interest in the world and will send no further messages here to support humanity in its great needs. This is assuming that you know the will of God and the plan of God. It is this human presumption and assumption that blinds people and leads them astray." [3]


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