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"How life confirming this is for you who can receive it."[1]


"We give you great encouragement to begin preparation in The Way of Knowledge. To learn Greater Community Knowledge and Wisdom, we give you great encouragement to begin The Greater Community Way of Knowledge, which is a specific preparation for those whose purpose resides in understanding the greater context of life and the greater movement of the world. You will know if this is for you. Knowledge will initiate your preparation and will reaffirm your preparation in times of doubt and in times of false confidence when you believe you have attained something."[2]


"Why is Wisdom important for you? Because it will harmonize your life. It will establish the priorities of your life and bring you back into right relationship with yourself and with everyone around you. Consider these words. Consider how great this gift is and how essential it is for your well-being, your advancement and your contribution in life."[3]

"If this Teaching is for you, then claim it you must and claim it you should, whether it seems to meet your expectations and preferences or not."[4]

The first recipients

"Wisdom is meant for you who can understand these words and respond to them. You must be the first recipient. Do not think of your friend or your brother or your sister or your mother or your father whom you would like to restore or change in some way to make them easier for you to be with. Wisdom is not for them; it is for you. Everything we say is about you and for you. Do not look over your shoulder. Do not point across the street. Do not think of someone else who is having difficulty in their life right now and think, 'Oh, this would be so good for them' No, this is for you. They may not be ready for this. They may not be interested. This may not be their way. They may not even have a way for a very long time.""[5]

"The calling is for you, The world is a proving ground for you, regardless of what other people do or do not do, or say or do not say. The challenge is for you. You must understand this or you will defray your responsibility onto others. You say, 'Well, what are people going to do? How can i share this with people? And how are people going to change?' That is trying to pass along the responsibility to someone else. If you think of the general public, you will become discouraged, most assuredly, but that is not where your focus needs to be." [6]

"There is no one on Earth who could give you this theology, for there is no one on Earth who understands the reality of life in the universe. There is no one on Earth that can teach you about the Greater Community, for how would they know?" [7]

"That is why your comprehension now must be greater. You must begin to think of things that you have never thought of before, to break down the distinctions you have made that have no place in a real understanding and to make new distinctions that must be made in order for the new understanding to emerge. It will take a long time for people to learn this, but even if a few can, it is a beginning." [7]


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