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God has sent a new Revelation, Teaching and Pathway to rekindle humanity's relationship to the Creator as we face living in a declining world. The New Message comes with the will and power of God to unite the world's religions, end our ceaseless conflicts and call forth the greater gifts that each person has brought into the world. The New Message is the largest Revelation of its kind ever to be given to humanity.

There is a New Message in the world today

"God’s Message for the world must sound the alarm and provide the preparation for a new world reality." [1]

The purpose of God's New Message

"The New Message from God is a gift to all of humanity. It is here to warn humanity of its two great challenges coming to the world—the challenge of the Great Waves of change and the challenge of contact with intelligent life in the universe. The New Message from God is here to uplift humanity’s understanding of its spiritual nature and purpose in the world by understanding spirituality at the level of Knowledge, the deeper Intelligence that God has placed within each person."[2]

One "purpose of God’s New Message is to reveal the deeper mind that God has imbued in all sentient beings, a deeper mind called Knowledge." [3]


"Receive this blessing. Learn of the New Message from God."[4]

"Hear this then, not with your ideas, your beliefs or your judgments, but with the deeper mind that God has given you to hear, to see, to know and to act with greater certainty." [5]

"God has brought a New Message into the world and has sent its Messenger into the world. You do not know enough yet to question this or to dispute it, for to do so is merely an expression of your ignorance, arrogance and vanity. You must consider the New Message. You must hear the Messenger to know, to see and to understand. For on your own, without the great endowment of Knowledge, you will not be able to see, to know and to understand. Your behavior will be determined by others. And you will follow fear and not wisdom in your approach."[6]

The Essence of Spirituality in a Pure Form

A calling from God for this time

"The Revelation from God must awaken you to the realities, the difficulties and the opportunities of emerging into a Greater Community of intelligent life. None of God’s previous Revelations were required to do this because the need was not there. Humanity had not progressed that far. But you now have a global civilization—diffracted, conflicted, destructive, heedless and irresponsible, but it is a world community nonetheless." [7]

"God is moving the world in a new direction. It is a direction that was always intended, but it will be new for the people of the world. It will be new to your understanding. The Great Revelations from the Creator are always like this. They are always presenting a new reality, a new awareness, a new dimension and a greater promise." [8]

"Do not be worried if this is different from your religious tradition because this is the heart and soul of all religious traditions. But even if you were raised in another tradition, if the New Message is your calling, it is your calling. There is none other. You cannot invent your calling if it is to be genuine and authentic. It is your calling." [9]

"God has brought the essence of spirituality in a pure form—unclouded by history and human manipulation, unfettered by human politics, will and corruption." [5]

"The Message for humanity now is great, more comprehensive and complete than any Message that has ever been sent into the world, complete with teaching and commentary so that its wisdom and Knowledge can be discerned and applied correctly and not simply left up to human interpretation." [8]

"The New Message is not here to replace the world’s religions but to establish and reinforce their common ground, to enlighten them and to give them strength and purpose so that they may have a future—both within the world and within the Greater Community of life into which humanity is now emerging." [10]

"This is a New Message from God. This is what it looks like before it is adulterated, corrupted and wed with other things by people and turned into a political tool or used by religious institutions to establish their power and their dominance. This is what a New Message looks like in its pure form. It is clear. It is powerful. It requires great things of people. And it gives great things to people. It has not been watered down to be acceptable to the masses. It has not been socialized so that it is socially acceptable. This is the real thing. You must be genuine in order to see it and to respond to it and to receive the power and grace that it brings into your life."

There is a New Message in the world today

The reception of the New Message in its time

"To be with the New Message from God is as if you had a chance to be with Jesus or a Muhammad or a Buddha in their lifetime, when the revelation was real and fresh and pure and had not been corrupted and adapted to culture and overlaid with tradition and ideology." [11]

The content of the New Message

"Ultimately God's New Message is about freedom--the freedom to survive, the freedom to maintain your self-determination, and beyond this, the freedom for each person to find his or her spiritual calling and meaning in life." [12]

The character of the New Message

"The New Message is entirely honest, and it asks you to be entirely honest—a level of honesty that most people do not even consider." [13]

"Do not judge and condemn the Messenger lest you judge and condemn what God has placed within you. For though the Messenger is human and fallible, he brings with him a Message that is beyond human invention and that is without error, conflict and contradiction."[6]

The purpose of the New Message

"The New Message from God is here to alert, to empower and to prepare the human family—people from all nations and religious traditions, people from all tribes, groups and orientations." [4]

"The Revelation is now in the world. It has taken the Messenger 25 years to receive it. It is so vast. It is the largest and most comprehensive Message that has ever been given to humanity because the world needs to know. And compassionate people everywhere need to know. And those people who are feeling the great pressure of this time need to know. No one can answer their questions. No government, no leader, no impassioned person, no great performer can answer these questions. They must be answered at a deeper level by a Greater Power. And that is what the New Message is here to do." [14]

"We have brought the Message—a Message of a thousand messages, a Message of a thousand teachings, a Message great enough to occupy you for the rest of your time, a Message great enough to redirect human effort, energy and awareness so that humanity may have a greater future than its past, so that humanity may survive the Great Waves of change and intervention and competition from the universe around you." [5]

"Without the New Message from God, humanity would fall into grave conflicts and precipitous decline, making you vulnerable to foreign powers who are already in this world to gain influence and authority here. People do not realize they are standing at the precipice, not only of great change, but also of subjugation. This is the Greater Darkness in the world, a Greater Darkness that most people are too afraid to even think about. But it is something that humanity must prepare for, and that is why God has given a New Revelation." [15]

"It speaks to the needs of the world and the needs of the future. In so doing, it brings purpose and recognition, unity and cooperation, wisdom and strength to all who can receive it, learn it, follow its steps, contribute it to others and share its wisdom in service to other individuals, to families, to communities, to nations and to the whole world."[4]

Humanity "knows not of what exists beyond its borders, and that is why in part God's New Revelation is being given at this time—to warn, to prepare and to empower humanity to do what it must do today to secure what it must have tomorrow."[16]

The delivery of the New Message

"The New Message comes here in a pure form, and for the first time you will be able to hear the Voice of Revelation. It was a Voice like this that spoke to Moses and Jesus, the Buddha and Muhammad and the other great Teachers who have remained hidden throughout the course of human history." [17]

"The New Message from God was delivered over a period of more than 25 years. It was received in a state of revelation by Marshall Vian Summers. Every word of the message was first spoken and recorded, then later transcribed. This has preserved the integrity and purity of the New Message in its original form. What would eventually become entire books were received in days or even hours. For example, the 27 chapters of Greater Community Spirituality: A New Revelation were received in just eleven days. This process of revelation continues." [18]

The language of the New Message

"It is a Teaching of a thousand teachings, given now to a literate world, a world of global communication, global commerce and growing global awareness; given now not in pastoral terms or anecdotal terms, or with great symbolism, but in the clearest possible language so that it may be translated easily, so that its great depth can become accessible to people of all nations and languages."[19]

The New Message in relation to the world's religions

"This New Message from the Creator of all life is not here to replace or to displace the world’s religions but to give them a greater dimension, to give them a vision of what is coming over the horizon and to prepare them for humanity’s encounter with a Greater Community of intelligent life in the universe."[2]

Failure to receive the New Message

"Without this New Message, the human spirit will remain dormant, and people will live lives of desperation, competition and conflict."[4]

"If humanity should fail to receive the great Revelation, then it will enter into a state of permanent decline—great conflict, great human suffering and loss. For you will not be prepared for this new world. You will not be prepared for what is coming even though the signs appear every day." [20]


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