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[[category:the Great Waves of change]]
[[category:the Great Waves of change]]
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Predictions of the New Message from God for our emerging world

"Humanity is about to face its greatest trial and its most difficult challenges."[1]

Greater Community

"Your isolation is over, and you will never have it again."[2]


"For you must know that the human need will grow far greater in the future. Everyone will become poorer, and many will be destitute. You must have the strength here not only to take care of yourself but to take care of others as well"[3]


"Many people will perish in the future, either through poverty and oppression or through ignorance and foolishness. Nations will be tempted to go to war with each other over the remaining resources, which will be ever more difficult to secure. And the grievances of humanity, so long standing, will flare here and there and everywhere."[2]

"With the world’s resources diminishing and ever growing numbers of people drinking from a slowly shrinking well the risk of competition, conflict and war is increasing. Groups and nations that are already in contention with one another will find it difficult to resist the temptation to claim those resources that they need for their own peoples. As resources diminish nations will become more protective of what they have. And there will be less available for nations around the world to purchase these resources, resources here, not merely industrial materials, but food, the availability of water, medicines, things that are fundamental to the wellbeing of people everywhere." [4]

"Will the wealthy nations of the world insist that their lifestyle must be preserved and therefore enter into competition and conflict with one another, further degrading the rest of the world, robbing the poorer people of the world of their own ability to sustain themselves so that some grand or indulgent lifestyle can be maintained in the wealthy nations? If humanity chooses this path, it will enter a period of prolonged conflict and permanent decline. Instead of preserving and distributing the remaining resources and generating the ability to adapt to a new world condition, humanity will destroy what is left, leaving itself poor and bereft, with immense loss of human life and with very grim and grave prospects for the future." [3]

Migration and Refugees

"There will be great human migration all over the world. Some of it will be normal, but most of it will have to be organized and agreed to between nations. If nations close their doors to the displaced peoples, it will be a tragedy never seen before. And this tragedy will despoil the world in war and conflict." [5]


"The world will change to a new kind of balance, but it will not be a balance that will be favorable to the human family." [6]


"United humanity can survive and build a better future, but without this, humanity will decline. Civilization will decline, and even your technology, your science and your cleverness and ingenuity will not save you." [7]

The Elderly

"Do not think in the future that the government or systems of care will provide for the elderly and that you will not have any responsibilities here."[3]


"The world's emergence into the Greater Community is a great challenge in and of itself, but what will be more burdensome will be human response or lack of it.[If we cannot dedicate ourselves wisely to cooperate and skillfully address the challenges before us], humanity will slowly sink under the weight of its own conflicts, its own indulgences and its own violence. Everything will deteriorate--nations,cultures, cities. Everything will deteriorate. Everyone will become poorer and more desperate." [8]


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