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Marshall Vian Summers is God's Messenger for this time and the times to come, bringing a New Message from God. He is the Messenger for this millennium. Marshall is the most important person on Earth. [1]

"God had spoken again. The Messenger is in the world." [2]


"There must be greater clarity about what you are dealing with and will have to face in the future....You must hear this with your heart. Do not delay, for every day is important now. Time cannot be wasted now. The Messenger is here. He will not be here forever. You are blessed to hear him and to meet him if possible. He carries within him the Revelation, beyond what is produced in a book or a recording. Receive him. Hear him. And your life will demonstrate the proof of the truth that abides with him, in him and through him." [3]


"It is important that you know of the Messenger because if the Initiation occurs while he is in the world, then your opportunity becomes greater and more significant. It would be a great misfortune for you to miss him while he is here. The Revelation only comes every few centuries, or perhaps once in a millennium, and you happen to be here at that time. From Heaven’s perspective, that is a great blessing, a great opportunity." [1]

The Responsibility of the Messenger

"The Messenger is here to provide the Revelation. It has taken him decades to receive it. It will take decades for it to be recognized in the world. But the problem is time. Humanity does not have much time to prepare for a new world and for Contact with life in the universe—Contact which is occurring already, Contact with a dangerous purpose and intention." [4]

"It is at this great threshold in humanity’s history that a New Revelation has been sent into the world, and a Messenger has been sent here to receive it, to prepare it and to present it. For him, it is a long journey, a long and difficult journey." [4]

"The Revelation must come from the Creator of all life, and this is what is occurring now, for you are living in a time of Revelation, and the Messenger is in the world. As long as he is in the world, you have an opportunity to receive and to prepare. When he is gone, it will be different. It will be more difficult. In this, he is the Light in the world. He is a humble man and makes no claims other than to be the Messenger, for that is the role that has been assigned to him. He must prepare humanity for a new world through the Revelation.He must prepare humanity for the Greater Community through the Revelation. He must speak of the great change that is coming and that is already upon the people everywhere through the Revelation." [4]

"The Revelations are always given to one individual, so there is no confusion. There are no different versions. There is no competition between different individuals who make the same claim and proclamation. It is always one individual with the assistance of certain courageous people that can bring a new awareness and reality into the world. Every age has its prophets, but Messengers only come infrequently to alter the course of human understanding, awareness and destiny." [5]

"A Messenger has been sent here to receive the New Revelation and to carry it forth into the world and to build its essential community so that its purity and its efficacy can be assured." [6]

"Those who are sent to be close to him must become developed, educated and strong, strong with the power of Knowledge, or they could betray him to those forces who will seek to undermine and to thwart his presence in the world." [6]

"This is the Message for this era. This is the time of Revelation. One has been sent into the world to receive the Revelation and to bring it into human awareness, a monumental task. To receive the New Message is to receive the greatest Revelation that has ever been given to the human family. To present it to the world is a monumental task, a task for the Messenger and for all who will assist him in bringing the Revelation everywhere it is needed. It is needed everywhere, for humanity is facing great peril." [7]

The Response to the Messenger

"The Messenger will be denied. He will be ridiculed. Others will attack him. Others will feel threatened by his presence and his proclamations—not because he is wrong but because they cannot face the fact that God has spoken again. They do not have the courage or the humility to reconsider their position, their ideas or their previous investment in themselves." [5]

"But who can recognize the Messenger? He appears to be very average. He is not sensational looking. He does not hold a great position in the world. He will disappear into the masses of people. He will walk amongst them. No one will recognize him, except perhaps for those who have been struck by the Revelation.... they look, but they do not see. They listen, but they do not hear. They stand next to the Messenger, but they do not recognize that they are standing next to the most important person in the entire world at this time!" [1]

"The Messenger now will need great assistance from others to bring this New Message into the world. It is not something one person can do. It is not something a small group of individuals—committed as they are, devoted as they are—can really do. It is going to take the assistance of others. It is going to take people learning The Way of Knowledge, learning the New Message, living the New Message and seeing its complete relevance to the world that you see and its complete relevance to the world you have not yet seen. The Messenger will need protection. He will need true students. He will need supporters. And he will need others to simply bear witness to this great event in human history." [8]

"He is not here to proclaim himself as a ruler or a leader or a great power. He is here simply to bear witness to the New Message and to be its primary advocate. He is not here to claim political power, economic power, to displace other people or to overthrow anyone. His presence here is to serve as a demonstration and as a presentation of the wisdom and the love of God and the great challenges that are now facing the human family, for which humanity is not prepared." [8]

"People may want many things from the Messenger—hoping for dispensations, for miracles, hoping to believe in someone supernatural, hoping to have their life be enriched by his presence and his work. They will be disappointed as have the previous Messengers disappointed many people. That is why Messengers are denied, rejected, avoided and, in some cases, destroyed because the people do not get what they want. They only receive what they truly need." [1]

"You will see that the Messenger will be judged. He will be condemned. Others will make it their purpose to destroy him. Learn the lessons from the past in this regard. He is not simply here to sacrifice himself so that other people can create a story about him. He has his own story—a story of the Messenger, a story he is too humble to speak of, a story that must be revealed to all who can hear and understand." [5]

"[The Messenger's] life has been inexplicable. His presence is inexplicable. You must see with clear eyes and listen with a deeper hearing to recognize these things. The burden then is upon the listener, upon the recipient." [5]

"The world is growing dark, and this greater promise is needed now. Only the light of Knowledge, the greater intelligence that the Creator has bestowed upon the human family and upon all the races in the universe, only this now can enable you to comprehend and respond. For you return to God on God’s terms, God’s Messages must be comprehended, as they truly are and are intended to be. There will be much struggle and contention with this, and the Messenger and the Messenger’s followers must face this difficulty, this frustration and exercise great patience. Such a Revelation will not be accepted at the outset, and only the few will be able to respond completely. But as time moves forward and as the world grows more turbulent, the New Message will gain a greater attraction, greater recognition and greater relevance." [4]

"People want the Messenger to be many things, to meet their desires, their beliefs and their preferences. But the Messenger has been prepared by Greater Powers and sent from the Divine to be in the world according to a Greater Plan and destiny. Be careful then in how you approach this rare and significant individual. Be careful regarding your expectations, your beliefs, your preconceived ideas, your judgments and your grievances. For these can all blind you to who he is and to what he can offer to you and to the whole world." [5]

People want the Messenger to be a super person—powerful, magnificent, immaculate, utterly pure, well behaved, in accordance with human expectation. But the Messenger is a human being and is always fallible, but it is the Message and the Presence that accompany the Messenger that makes all the difference. Jesus made mistakes. Mohammed made mistakes. The Buddha made mistakes. All the great leaders that followed them, and all the great teachers in other traditions, they all made mistakes. To live in Separation is to make mistakes. To enter a world of Separation means you will make mistakes. But if the Messengers deliver the Message and do not elevate themselves into a godlike position, then they have achieved their goal. [2]

"There is a New Message from God for the individual, and there is a New Message from God for the entire world. It is here now. It has taken a long time for the Messenger to receive it, for the Message is very great. Honor then the one who has come to bring the New Message into the world. He is a humble man. He has developed the wisdom necessary to undertake such a great role, and he has been sent into the world for this purpose. Receive him. Understand him. Yet do not exalt him. He is not a god. He is a Messenger bringing the New Message from God into the world. [9]

The Character of the Messenger

"An emissary was sent into the world bringing a New Message from God. He is not a savior. He is not magnificent. He is simple and humble, and he is the Messenger." [10]

"God’s Revelation must now come again and has come again, and the Messenger has been sent into the world—a humble man, a man without great social position, a man without great personal assertions and accomplishments, a man whose life has been preserved and directed for this purpose alone." [3]

"Humility, patience, perseverance, honesty, discretion, discernment—all essential qualities for true accomplishment." [11]

"Grace and humility, perseverance, trustworthiness, patience, silence—these are the qualities of a powerful individual." [8]

"God’s Messages are rare, as we have said. They are not given frequently. They are never given to the ambitious and they are never given to those who would assign themselves splendid roles. Indeed, those chosen to be the true Messengers are reluctant, even to the point of self-denial. They don’t really want the job. But they will accept it because of who asks it of them. They don’t really want to shine in the world as an Emissary or as a Messenger. This is almost painful to them." [11]

"The Messenger appears ordinary. He is a humble man. He will not assert himself personally. But within him is the mystery and the power of Creation, and the bridge between this world and the Divine Presence that oversees this world. He is partly one of Us and partly one of you. He has to maintain both realities and be the shepherd to lead people up the mountain that is their mountain to climb. Is he as great as the great Emissaries of the past? Only time and circumstance will tell. He will not proclaim this himself, you see, because the ambitious are never chosen. Those who seek self-glorification are never given greater roles to play or greater Messages for humanity. Only those who are reluctant and honest and self-reflective would ever be chosen for such a high and significant role. For there is only one Messenger in the world, and this Messenger will be the Messenger for this time and the times to come. No one else asserting this for themselves can bring the Revelation. No one else can travel the journey that the Messenger has had to travel." [5]

"His journey is inexplicable to anyone living in the world, for living in the world is only a partial experience of your complete reality." [8]


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