The Body

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The Body a Temple

"The body serves the mind, and the mind serves the Spirit. This is the true order of things, but it is not the order that you experience currently." [1]

Sharing the Body

"The body, made as a vehicle of separation to hide and mask you, becomes holy as it is shared for a holy purpose."[2]

"You will learn to share your body by recognizing the relationships that it contains. No longer will it be a prison house in which you think you live and die, but rather a temple where your loved ones come to join you in peace and matrimony."[3]


"Your body is a beautiful instrument. It is marvelous in what it can do. But its real value is determined by what it serves. If it serves a conflicted agenda of the mind, then the body will do destructive things to itself and to other bodies in the world around you." [4]

"The purpose of the body is not to be beautiful. It is to be an instrument of communication, to be a vehicle and to participate in a physical world in a physical reality. Like an automobile, if it can get you where you need to go, it has done its job." [5]


"The car is supposed to serve the driver, not the other way around." [5]


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