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notes from The New God Revelation

Not the old God

  • misapprehended, a projection of human personality and tendencies
  • preoccupied with Earth
  • judgmental, condemnatory
  • needing praise and worship, obedience and adulation
  • tribal, favoring one nation over another, leading people to war
  • responsible for natural disasters, plagues, illness and catastrophe
  • useful for political justification
  • dominated by institutional ideology
  • a God of one world, one people or one tribe
  • a God that thinks, acts or behaves as humans do
  • limited to one Revelation for humanity[1]

The new God

  • set into motion the forces of nature, evolution, and geologic change at the beginning of time
  • watches over all worlds
  • calls the separated to return through the avenues of religion, of conscience, of true love and recognition
  • does not care what your religious beliefs are if they facilitate Knowledge[1]


"Now you are dealing with a God of all the universes and Creation beyond the universes, a God so great that your mind can only fall down in praise. Not a human God. Not a God that you create in your own imagination, but a God that you must experience at a deeper level, beneath and beyond the limits of your surface mind. For you to comprehend the God of the Greater Community, then you must comprehend the Voice of the Revelation." [2]

Things that interest the new God

  • the deeper movement of the heart and the conscience
  • acts of selfless giving and forgiveness
  • the desire to contribute beyond one's own personal needs and preferences
  • the recognition of one to another
  • an enemy becoming a friend
  • the healing of a despoiled world[1]
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