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Marshall Summers' remarks from the Campfire Chat, 2020-2021, on the pandemic

"The Intervention, being small and incapable of living here, wants you to believe it is far bigger and more entrenched that it really is, that its powers far exceed anything we can realistically oppose. Be careful not to make it the cause of dangerous things that we have recreated—war, climate change, corruption, pollution, pandemic. It is seeking to benefit from what we are doing to ourselves. Leave the picture incomplete for it is incomplete. The man or woman of Knowledge relies upon what is seen and known, not upon what is assumed and believed." 7/31/2021

"It may be that before real human unity can be achieved, there must be a break down, not a total breakdown, but a break down big enough to forge a crisis and a foundation for reorganizing human society—a break down of the Old Order. The Pandemic and the Great Waves to follow will facilitate this breakdown in stages, as will we. If we cannot forge unity on our own, we will create the conditions that will force it upon us for better or worse." 7/3/2021

"Forgiveness work is definitely ongoing. I lately [have] been working on forgiving Donald Trump and Bolsanaro, the current president of Brazil who continues to be a Covid denier in a country with over 330,000 deaths, 12 million cases and a runaway pandemic." 4/3/2021

"Increasingly, much of the fear we experience does not come from us. It is part of the Mental Environment. Whenever you experience sudden fear without any apparent cause, it is wise to ask yourself, "Is this my fear or from somewhere else?" In an increasingly unstable and challenging world, there will be much more fear in the ME. It can move like invisible waves. This requires recognition and adaption. Whole communities and cities can be under these waves. The Covid pandemic provides a tangible example of this."2/27/2021

"We are all facing a worldwide pandemic. How many of you have read about what a pandemic is and the history of pandemics and their consequences in the world? Pandemics come from nature and are the most destructive events in history to human life. Some people want [to] fit this into their conspiracy theories or ignore it altogether. They want to make it human caused so they won't have to face something so huge, unpredictable and difficult to stop. Irresponsibility is the failure to respond. “Surely, you have seen that nature is unmerciful to the unprepared. Nature shows no mercy to those who are not prepared for eventualities.” THE ONE BOOK: Preparing for the Great Waves of Change 12/5/2020

"The first area of preparation for most of you will be your Financial Pillar going forward. Is your current line of work and financial situation resilient and sustainable entering what could grow to become a worldwide Great Depression? The current Pandemic is undermining the economies of every nation on Earth. The effects of this could last for years. We are only beginning to see the impacts of this. From a higher perspective, this is part of a larger evolutionary transition that humanity must pass through to become a united worldwide community in the future. It has many known and unforeseen risks, dangers and opportunities. If we are ever to prepare for our emergence into the Greater Community as is indicated by the New Message, we must pass through this long transition period intact and able to be of service. To prepare for this, it is necessary for all of us to become as stable as we can in this arena and stay focused on this Pillar so we can continue to participate in this greater preparation and mission together."9/19/2020

If we are to enter the Greater Community successfully, we can't be as we are today and society can't be as it is today. The breakdown is underway.7/18/2020

Great change can be encouraging to consider and necessary, but comes at the cost unexpectedly of many things and many lives. Desiring and considering great change should never be taken lightly. Example: Ghandi and his followers worked diligently and non-violently to free India from British rule and to establish the country as a democracy, but look at the cost of revolution that produced— the partition (deaths between 200,000 and 2,000,000, one of the worst genicidal events in history) and the 4 wars with Pakistan that followed and the tensions that still exist between them today.7/18/2020

I offer this historical example to highlight the extreme cost of changing just one nation for what seemed a good purpose. Now think of the human cost of all the nations of the world being forced at the same time to change dramatically to adapt to relentless oncoming Great Waves of change, starting with the current pandemic as a prelude, while the Intervention stands at the sidelines plotting how to take advantage of the crisis that humanity has, on its own, created for itself.7/18/2020

Please consider the teaching in Allies 4 on what a nation in the universe will have to look like and act like to be free in the Greater Community. And then consider where we are today. As Reed stated recently in the Chat in scaling the deep canyon analogy— where we can see the far side, our destination, but must climb all the way down to the bottom, cross the great river and up the far side to achieve it. At present we are in the painful, precarious process of going down the canyon wall—walking, stumbling or sliding. When we get to the bottom, we still have to have the energy to cross the big river (we haven't figured that out yet) and find a way to climb up the far side to the top of the rim above, all the while trying to keep intact some sort of social cohesion and financial viability through it all. We can gaze at the far side with great hope and inspiration, but the journey to get there will be bigger than anything humanity has ever achieved before and it won't have a great deal of time to achieve it.7/18/2020

In facing the Great Pandemic that is now unfolding, you will see a broad demonstration of both humanity's strengths and weaknesses. You will see acts of tremendous courage and commitment and you will see widespread corruption and wanton irresponsibility. Step back and look to see these things.6/27/2020

Regarding any real phenomena, the New Messages challenges us with: "Can't you just see this for what it is?" This is about Knowledge, not the surface mind.4/4/2020

To a student who wrote,"What I see around me, is people expecting to go back and resume life as it was before, and not preparing. Even though food shortages are spoken of on our Public Radio here in the US...I don't see people considering this seriously..." Belief and consensus driven, the weak-minded cannot adapt.4/4/2020

Any statement that the Pandemic is not real is the product of either human denial/confusion or of the Intervention seeking to further weaken, divide and destabilize the human family or both.4/4/2020

To a student who wrote, "There are no news cycles; there are only persuasion cycles possibly containing facts. The only reliable source is Knowledge." Knowledge works through many others in the world who are trustworthy, working within every avenue of life. Knowledge is the source, but the people are the manifestation. Never doubt that.4/4/2020

The New Message has long been preparing us for the Great Waves of Change. We are now in the middle of a Great Wave quickly emerging all around us. Let the NMG bless you and let Knowledge guide you.3/28/2020

“This is the greater life and greater promise, and it will not arise under normal circumstances, for nothing great arises under normal circumstances. Seek the peaceful, quiet, comfortable life and your inner life will never emerge. Seek happiness only, and you will be deceived. You will miss your great opportunity to give your gifts to a world in need.” THE ONE BOOK: The New Messenger: Walking with the Messenger 3/28/2020

Prepare yourself for a long road through this. What is functional and dysfunctional in both individuals and governments will be more fully exposed as we go forward. What really matters will arise in more people. It is a perfect time for the New Message in the world.3/28/2020

The Great Waves will reveal what is real and what is delusional. More people will see this, despite growing errors. Practice returning to the center line within yourself. Resist condemning others, for it only weakens you and takes you away from what you must do to prepare. This is what I am practicing.3/28/2020

A Pandemic is the most powerful thing that can happen to humanity, and when it starts, it tends to run its course despite what people think and hope for. Acknowledging the real loss and suffering going forward can open your heart. The opportunities for change can open your eyes. Happiness is not the goal here.• “This life is for a greater purpose in the world. For happiness alone cannot be your goal, not if you are honest, not if you understand the real nature of your greater purpose here. Happiness is a by-product, a consequence of living a true and authentic life. A true and authentic life is based upon the greater purpose that you have been able to discover, to accept and to follow." THE ONE BOOK: THE NEW WORLD: The Reformation 3/28/2020

Due to my age and underlying health condition, Patricia and I are in self-quarantine, which may have to last for many months. For me, it is much-needed time in the monastery, but also an important opportunity to speak to the world giving the great wisdom and redeeming clarity of the New Message to many people in need as the world situation grows darker. 3/28/2020

We are at the beginning of a long process with this Pandemic and its immense impact the economy of people and nations everywhere. We can practice being good-natured at the beginning and inspired by the good we see around us, but can we sustain this going forward if the Pandemic comes in waves? Hold fast and be prepared for a great anxiety and upheaval in the world as the New Message has been warning us about for years. "Do not demand that everyone settle down in peace. You will be working against the undercurrent in this world. We never advocate conflict, but you must understand that conflict arises in times of great change. With every great advancement in your world, there is tremendous combustion and upheaval. It is not because change requires this. It is simply because people cannot see beyond themselves.” WISDOM FROM THE GREATER COMMUNITY: Volume 1: The Greater Community 3/28/2020

"The Pandemic that is building in the world today is a “Great Wave” and is part of the 10-year window that The Great Turning Point revelation points to. No wonder the revelation was given on New Years Eve at the advent of this growing world event. To serve the world we must love the world and be present to the world. That is why we are here."Feb. 29, 2020

“Facing what may become a global pandemic, I recommend reading Nature and Natural disasters on the NMG website.”Feb. 22, 2020

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