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What is the Soul?

"What is the Soul? The Soul is the part of you that God created, that is permanent and that existed before this life and will continue beyond this life. The question arises, then, what is Knowledge that you speak of? Knowledge is the part of your Soul that has not separated from God, and thus is able to respond to the will of God."[1]

"Your Soul, in your experience—living in a state of separation—is the part of your permanent identity that has separated from God, but since you can’t completely separate from God, the part of you that did not separate from God represents your saving Grace. Reunite the Soul with Knowledge, and the Soul is complete, and separation within the Soul has been ended."[1]

"Part of the Soul is journeying through life as a separate entity, unaware and afraid of confronting its true reality, and part of the Soul that has never left God goes along, but it is responding to something very different and is a very different kind of intelligence."[1]

Needs of the Soul

"You cannot satisfy the need of the soul with religious beliefs, for the need of the soul requires a deeper kind of devotion that is not based on ideology but on a kind of engagement within yourself with a deeper power and presence that lives within you beyond the reach and the realm of the intellect."[2]

"As the soul reaches, the mind can only follow. Many blessing to all who are reaching."[3]


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