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"Relationship is when two or more people come together to fulfill an inner and an outer need." [1]

"Much of human engagement is merely an escape from one's self." [2]

“Alone you can do nothing, for nothing in life is done alone.” [3]

Relationship with God

"If you cannot engage with God, how are you going to really engage with anyone else? If you cannot experience affinity with the Power and the Presence of God, how are you going to experience affinity with anyone else? You may become intoxicated, falling in love temporarily with someone. You may be delighted with another’s presence, but will you be able to experience true affinity with them? If you do not trust God, how will you trust anyone else?" [4]

"This relationship, however, which is so primary, can never be your sole focus, for God wants your eyes turned to the world where you have come to serve and to work. The more God abides with you as your work progresses and becomes a deeper experience and a greater commitment for you, the more God grows in your experience. Here God becomes more a context than an individual, more a greater experience of relationship than an authority. In this way, God is able to work through you without distracting you. In this way, you are able to work with God without losing your focus in the world." [5]

“Through Knowledge you can feel the Presence of all relationships. This is the experience of God.” [6]

"If you cannot engage with God, how are you gong to really engage with anyone else? If you cannot experience affinity with the Power and the Presence of God, how are you going to experience affinity with anyone else? You may become intoxicated, falling in love temporarily with someone. You may be delighted with another's presence, but will you be able to experience true affinity with them? If you do not trust God, how will you trust anyone else?" [4]

“What is God, what is the return to God, but the return to relationship? Some people wish to return to God and commit themselves to God, but they cannot be with anybody. And so they are trying to be with everything, but they do not know how to be with any one thing.” [7]

"The road to Heaven is through relationships. It is a road of relationships. You may try your hardest to feel whole and joined with life, and you will have experiences of this now and then, but until you can be joined to another, give yourself and dedicate your resources in conjunction with another’s dedication, you are only flirting with reality." [8]

Relationship with Knowledge

"If Knowledge cannot be brought into your relationships and into your decisions regarding relationships, then Knowledge remains only a potential within you." [9]

“Your first and primary relationship is with Knowledge. Can your relationships with others support this?” [9]

"Knowledge is your primary relationship because it is your connection to God." [10]

“Knowledge is the foundation for your ability to be in relationship with anyone or anything. Without Knowledge, people are in relationship only to gain advantage. They use others and they use life to gain advantage or to provide protection. They barter with their affections. They negotiate with their feelings. Here relationship is a form of commerce rather than a form of union. Prices are paid. Services are rendered. Can this be the real meaning of relationship?” [11]

“Knowledge will not support a wrong decision in a relationship, and Knowledge will not go with you into that relationship. If you commit yourself prematurely, you pull yourself away from Knowledge. You can still come back to Knowledge, but it will not go along with you. It will become mute and silent, patiently waiting once again while you live out another long and perilous error in life.” [9]

“Your Knowledge cannot emerge within you alone. It must emerge in the context of relationship. It is absolutely hopeless for you alone to find out why you are here. You may have some wonderful definitions, but you are still a slave of your mind.” [12]

“There is only Knowledge and the need for Knowledge. These are the only two things that any relationship can demonstrate to you.” [13]

“There is a means for you to escape the world of ideas and enter the world of relationship, where everything is viable and real and based upon a foundation that can never change.” [14]

"Your relationship with Knowledge represents your relationship with God. This is how God speaks to you. And you may not hear this as a voice. It may be a feeling, an image, a sound, a voice. People experience the power and presence of Knowledge differently, according to their individual orientation." [15]

"Knowledge will prepare you for these relationships. If you can find the way to Knowledge and dedicate yourself to it, then gradually all of your difficulties and dilemmas in relationship will be resolved." [16]

Relationship with the World

"The world represents a relationship in which your purpose is initiated, fostered and realized. That is why seeking escape from the world or a permanent retreat from the world is counterproductive. The very tribulations in the world that you find so difficult and so unpleasant are the very things that will call out of you the greatness that you have come to give." [17]

“Relationship is the essence of your environment, the environment in which you live. What you decide to do in your relationships will determine the kind of life you will have and the kind of problems you will have to solve.” [18]

"You are a part of life and you will need to rely upon your relationships with others and with life as a whole to accomplish anything, even to survive." [19]

Relationship with Self

“You have a relationship with yourself, which is primarily your relationship with your mind and your body.” [20]

"Underneath everyone’s desperate pursuits, addictions, goals and fears is the desire to be known and recognized.” [21]

Starting Relationships

“You must become the person you are meant to be before you can be in a relationship successfully, a deep harmonious relationship, a greater partnership. You bring to that what you have discovered within yourself.” [22]

“You must have a sense of who you are and where you are going in life based upon Knowledge before you can know who to be with and how to be with them.”[22]

“Choose your engagements carefully, enter into them slowly and allow your Knowledge, as opposed to your ambition, to guide your actions. You lose nothing by moving slowly; you risk everything by moving quickly. If you cannot allow yourself to move slowly, you have good cause to distrust your motives already.” [23]

"Many of the relationships that people initiate out of desire, passion or need are premature because it is important to get your bearings in life before you engage yourself or commit yourself to others." [9]

"Here it is important to realize that you cannot change or improve another person. You cannot take someone who appears charming and talented, but who cannot seem to function very well, and turn them into a functioning person. Young women make this mistake all the time, particularly, thinking they are going to rehabilitate the young man. 'Oh, with her guidance, this young man will become productive and responsible and effective.' Do not make this mistake. It is an immense waste of your time. You cannot change or improve another person. That is what they must do for themselves." [24]

Maintaining Relationships

"In living in the world, there are Four Pillars of life. These are all part of your foundation building. They are the pillars of relationships, health, work and spiritual development. These are the cornerstones of your foundation in life." [25]

“To develop the Pillar of relationship means to recognize, to discern and to be prepared to participate in the essential relationships that are meant for you.” [9]

“It is what you do together that determines the nature and purpose of relationship. That is why human romance is such an empty promise, for if you cannot do anything together, you have no basis for being together. The initial attraction turns cold and dark, and the desire and the embellished feelings turn ashen and become bitter and resentful.” [9]

Concluding Relationships

“You cannot be given a new realization if your life is full of relationships with people, places and things that are not right for you, that will not help you. [26]

“Every relationship you have should give you the strength to do this. Every possession you have should be either useful or inspiring to you. Every commitment and obligation must help you to prepare and to gain a foundation in Knowledge. For there are no neutral relationships in life. All your relationships with people, where you live, your possessions, your activities, are either strengthening or weakening you in taking the steps to Knowledge and in building a real foundation for your life.” [26]

Strength and Weakness in Relationships

“A relationship is only as good as the strength that its participants bring to it. It is the sum of your accomplishments.” [27]

“Here every relationship is either strengthening you or weakening you, for there are no neutral relationships. Everyone casts influence on one another, and that influence is either strengthening you and bringing you closer to Knowledge, or it is weakening you and taking you further away.” [28]

“Therefore, we emphasize the value of your relationships to you who now seek to reclaim Knowledge. These relationships must be imbued with the Knowledge that you are reclaiming. Then they will have the stability, the efficacy and the grace that your Knowledge contains for you. For only relationships based upon Knowledge can carry the Wisdom that Knowledge will exert within the world. Relationships based upon personal attraction or personal fantasy do not have the foundation to carry Knowledge and will fail abruptly in the presence of the demands and requirements of a true life.” [3]

“The greatest evidence of a person’s self-understanding is the nature and the quality of the relationships that they establish around themselves.” [29]

“We say cultivate Knowledge and Knowledge will bring to you all relationships you truly need. Those you do not truly need will find no purpose there, and so your life will not be hindered and held back by inappropriate engagements.” [30]

"In the Greater Community, there are no powerful individuals. There are only powerful relationships.” [31]

“Here people try to offset their sense of insecurity by securing partnerships with others. As a result, they form relationships based upon weakness and not upon strength.” [9]

"You have no neutral relationships, for every one of them is either helping you or hindering you and holding you back. You are either gaining strength or losing strength to every one of these relationships." [32]

“And the person who will do you the most harm could well be someone who is totally enchanting to you and who seems to fit the absolute picture of what you are trying to acquire for yourself.” [18]

“Your progress here can only truly be thwarted by your misapplication in relationships.” [18]

"Build real relationships. Begin with your relationship with Knowledge and develop character by developing patience, forbearance, restraint, objectivity, compassion, the ability to observe others and the ability to have your life be undefined. This builds character, and with this you gain a greater capacity for experience. This is Wisdom. And in order for you to be a vehicle for Knowledge in life-to be an inspiration to others and to give your life wholeheartedly-you must have this foundation and you must have your essential relationships." [9]

“Without Knowledge, relationship is trial and error only. There are many people who have spent their primal energy on relationships with very little to show for it. They have wasted their lives, and yet they have justified this waste by saying that they have grown personally and that they have learned so much. But they are right back where they began. They are alone and they are still seeking for a meaningful union.” [7]

“Falling in love may be a wonderful dream, but it does not assure a real relationship at all. A real relationship is built upon compatibility, shared values and a commensurate level of strength and involvement in the world. Here if a strong person unites with a weak person, the strong person will become weaker. That is why if you want to become strong, you must be with someone who is strong.” [33]

“It is Knowledge that will bring the great relationships to you. It is not your prancing around, making a fool of yourself and degrading yourself in every conceivable way to try to attract the attention and the approval of some person.” [34]

“Wrong decisions in relationships have disabled and disarmed many a promising person in the world. Many have lost their way and many have lost their chance in life as a result of making decisions here without Knowledge.” [9]

“Great truth is a product of great relationship.” [35]

"If you commit yourself to momentary attractions, time will be very disappointing to you." [36]

Purpose in Relationships

"Your purpose is to discover your Knowledge, follow Knowledge and let Knowledge shape and redirect your life. Your Calling is what Knowledge asks you specifically to do once you are ready to move in a specific direction. It is here that your relationships must become connected to your Calling, and not just to your Purpose. In essence all relationships can serve your Purpose if understood correctly. But only a few are connected to your real Calling. If the New Message from God is your calling then all your core relationships will need to be connected to that." [37]

“Your time in life is precious. Your opportunity here is great. The more you are aware that it is great, the less you will want to waste it on any endeavor or relationship that compromises you or that leads you astray.” [16]

“You see, if your life is about contribution, you do not have a problem finding people to be with you. Your problem now is choosing the right people to be with. You do not have to worry about a good career. Your problem is choosing the right career. Life bends itself to you who give, so thirsty for giving is life here. If the Presence is with you, people will come to you like magnetism.” [38]

“God is preparing you for the right relationships, the ones that will make all the difference, the ones that will bring forth the power of Knowledge within yourself, the ones that will encourage you to discover your deeper nature and with it your greater purpose for being in the world.” [22]

“Your purpose has been established and relationships have been designed for you already. Therefore, you need not be the author of your relationships, only a wise participant.” [13]

“What you have brought from your Ancient Home is meant to be given here and what you have brought is needed here as well. What you have brought from your Ancient Home is the power of relationship.” [13]

“Who you are with will determine what you can know and your ability to follow what you know.” [22]

“Once you prepare a place in your life for true purpose, true relationship must find you, for purpose requires relationship and will draw relationship unto itself.” [13]

“The power of relationship is the power given to carry out true purpose in the world. The power of relationship is to engage each person beyond their preferences and fear so that their true gifts may be brought forth into the world. The blessing of true relationship is the blessing born of Knowledge, which is the greatest gift that can be rendered, which is the gift that I am sent here to give and to receive, to discover and to leave behind. Let me, then, prepare for my Ancient Home by recognizing the quality of relationship here that truly exists there.” [13]

“The great lives, what did they accumulate here? Only one thing and that is relationship. When they left, whether they were penniless or rich, what did they take Home with them? They took relationship.” [38]

"People are gambling their existence. They are gambling their freedom. They are gambling their life, giving their lives away to people and situations that have no real promise for them, that are not really connected to the deeper criteria, the deeper agenda that exists within them that remains to be discovered." [15]

Pacification in Relationships

"Look at the relationships of a pacified person, who says, “Well, we’re together as long as it feels good, as long as it’s okay, and if we’re not together, it’s okay, and whatever we do is okay.” But it’s not okay. And they know it’s not okay, but their natural knowing has been removed from their awareness. As a result, they say, “I will not feel those things. They disrupt my happiness, my peace, my equanimity.” And yet there is no peace or equanimity because there is no integrity, and because there is no integrity, there is no real relationship."[39]

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