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"Some people are born with a greater perceptual range that has always been with them. But it has been a source of grief, discomfort and alienation from others as a result for many people—more of a curse than a blessing. But it is a blessing, and it portends greater things."[1]

"This power of persuasion and perception then becomes the focal point. Knowing what others are doing, perceiving their activities, trying to discern their secrets and their technological developments, discerning their intentions, discerning their communications and discerning their diplomacy—all become a great emphasis now. For this reason, many nations have cultivated a special class of citizens, individuals called “seers.” These individuals are not developed spiritually, but they have great skill in the mental environment. Their role is to see, to discern and to interpret." [2]


"Seers, however, are a very rare role and require a very special preparation. If someone who has the gift of vision is not well grounded as a human being, is not strong in the Four Pillars of their life—their relationships, their health, their work and their spiritual development—their vision can be greatly misapplied and misinterpreted."[3]

"Those who are seers with Knowledge can have great efficacy and great range and penetration in their perception. But this requires Knowledge as a foundation for one’s thinking and behavior for such creations to emerge and for such skills to be developed." [2]

Few are chosen

"There are very few individuals who can be seers and not all of them will be women, but these gifts have been given to the feminine in far greater abundance, and there are women today who are meant to be seers. That is their purpose." [3]

"In many advanced cultures in the universe, seers are recognized amongst the ancients and are chosen and specially trained for their future roles." ... "Their talents are recognized at an early age, and they are all given different forms of education to prepare them to express and to use their natural abilities." [3]

In nations that are free and nations that are not free

"In a nation that is not free, you are simply assigned a role based upon your social standing—the standing of your family, the standing of your parents, the standing of what your society requires from you. This has nothing to do with your individual talents and abilities. The only exception made here, in a nation that is not free, is if you have or demonstrate clairvoyance, in which case you may be prepared to function in the diplomatic corps, which is an entirely different education." [4]

"The free nations have seers as well. Their seers are employed for the same purposes, but they are guided by a deeper Knowledge, which can make them more powerful and more penetrating than the seers employed in nations that are not free. This gives the free nations power and a certain degree of advantage that must remain hidden from foreign awareness and scrutiny." [2]

Power in the Mental Environment surpassing technological development

"There are limits to technology. There are limits to travel. There are limits to what anyone can do with machines. You have not yet reached those limits, but they do exist. There are older races in your neighborhood who have reached those limits, and that is why they seek to use power in the mental environment and to develop this power both for their own defense and to take advantage of whatever opportunities may exist within their sphere of influence and within their local regions in space." [5]

"Humanity is still discovering many secrets about technology, and so this is where it places its hope and its promise. However, amongst more advanced nations, power of influence in the Mental Environment is the far greater arena of influence. For as we have said, technology can be purchased and copied. That is not where the real advantages will usually be found." [6]

"You cannot yet compete in the Greater Community, primarily because you do not understand the mental environment. It is not your technology that is limiting you. Those who are capable in the mental environment can cast a great deal of influence upon a more technically advanced race because minds persuade other minds, minds influence other minds and minds can dominate other minds. Therefore, it is not your technology that is the limiting factor here. It is your lack of understanding of the mental environment." [7]

Roles: Diplomatic

"Seers are used to witness negotiations, to review contracts, to serve as witnesses to diplomatic efforts and to sit in on councils. These individuals are not developed spiritually, but they have great skill in the mental environment. Their role is to see, to discern and to interpret." ... "Nations not only want to discern one another’s intentions and capabilities, but also to discern one another’s secrets, unspoken agendas and long-range plans." [2]

"That is why a great deal of energy is exerted on behalf of diplomatic relations and why seers are employed. Sometimes they are employed publicly. However, sometimes the presence of a seer is seen as an act of distrust. In many large chambers where decisions are made, seers are not allowed, for it is seen as an act of distrust, the evidence of distrust, to have a seer with you." [2]

"There are seers who specialize as interpreters. They will travel with diplomatic missions, serving to interpret not the language of another race, but its intention, its honesty, the truth of its statements, its strengths, its weaknesses, its anxieties, its concerns and its insecurities. This is extremely important in establishing trust with races unlike your own." [2]

Roles: Judicial, military & intelligence gathering

Seers "are certainly used in judicial matters to discern the truth and the falsity of evidence and declarations." [2]

"Locators are a very special class of seers that focuses entirely upon locating facilities and pinpointing specific areas and activities within a nation. This has been developed to a very high degree to fight crime, for example, to deal with insurrections and to deal with the problem of illegal drugs, which is a real problem in many nations." [2]

"Nations employ seers on their defensive perimeters to watch for any possible threats on the horizon or any possible change that could be a challenge or a difficulty for their nation. They are not analysts in the way that you would consider analysts—using their intellect, using technology and using patterns of thought to discern with accuracy truth that must be recognized. A seer is using a different kind of power and potency that an analyst could never use." [2]

"It is part of the burden and responsibility of a seer not only to see, but to defend against the intrusions of others in the mental environment. The seer must also be able to project images and associations that you want another race who is scrutinizing you to have, not only to keep your secrets, but to give an accurate and preferred image that you want others to have of you." [2]

"For instance, in the mental environment, to stop the penetration of a seer, you must create a shield; you must obstruct a seer’s intrusion with a counterforce. Seers between different nations can literally be in battle with one another to counteract each other’s movements and discernment. If another nation thinks you have a secret facility that possesses power or potential that they are interested in, you must create a counter thought that there is no such thing. If they try to locate something that actually exists, you must persuade them that it is somewhere else." [2]


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